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2018-06-03 16:46:53

Why should we move up the Cloud or the 10 benefits of cloud computing and Bitcoin

The old days, people usually start the application, the software through downloading the installer on your personal computer or server and then perform manual installation and use. Cloud computing is different, it allows users to access the same application via the internet.
When you update facebook status is you are using cloud computing. You check the balance on your phone bank? That is, you are also using the Cloud. Cloud computing can help you a lot in resolving the problem in business when you have tons of email needs shifted or are used at the same time dozens of applications to manage the work.
In summary, the Cloud is growing fast to become a trend of new normal. By the end of 2015, up to 90% of businesses in the UK to use at least 1 Cloud services.
Why do many businesses choose to switch to using the Cloud service? Because the Cloud helps increase efficiency, reduce costs and bring a lot of benefits for the business. In this article, we will point out 10 benefits that businesses can see when using Cloud:
1. Flexibility
The services on the cloud computing platform are the ideal choice for the business needs of bandwidth fluctuations and growth. Use the Cloud makes it easy to expand/collapse the system consistent with the actual needs in each stage, through the remote administration tool. Fast, flexible level can bring many advantages for business. No surprise that the CIO and Director, IT was rated "flexibility" is one of the tops the top reasons to choose the cloud.
2. The ability to recover data after a disaster
All the businesses of all sizes should focus on investing in recovering data, but for small businesses, lack of funding and expertise then this is quite far away. Cloud computing helps more and more businesses have the ability to invest in this trend. According to the Aberdeen Group, the Organization of small businesses is likely twice as larger businesses about the deployment of backup and recovery solutions data on cloud computing platform. This helps save time, avoid wasteful investment and increase the trust of the third party.
3. Automatic software updates
The advantage of cloud computing is that server located outside the corporate infrastructure, is set in a safe place and help secure businesses. The service provider for the rental server, server rental will help you "take care" of them and provide regular software updates-including security updates, so you don't need to worry about maintenance or take time to order maintenance system. Please take about that time for other things, such as how to develop strong company over such.
4. Reducing investment costs
Cloud computing helps significantly cut costs for hardware blocks. You just pay for what you use and experience all the services. Additionally, the installation, the system administrator will become easier, help for the project IT did not the scary, become ever more friendly.
5. Strengthen cooperation
When you and your colleagues can access, edit, and share your documents anytime, from anywhere, the frequency and efficiency will increase. The application works, share on the cloud computing help they updated faster in real time and brings a higher cooperation.
6. Work anywhere
With cloud computing, you can do it in any place with an internet connection, on multiple platforms: mobile phones, Tablet PCs, PC ...
And the results? Your business can work more flexible, your employees can enjoy the balance between life and work. One study found that up to 42% of people who want to swap part of costs for the work from a distance. On average they will be willing to accept cuts of 6% level.
7. Control data
The more and more partners, individuals participated in the data, then the need to control the level of security of the data. Before Cloud appears, users must send data back as an attached file to be able to work with each person at the same time. And sooner or later, and usually sooner, you will end up in a mess of data, format, file header of each version.
And even the smallest companies also become globalized, the level of complexity in data exchange also increased. According to one study, at least monthly 73% of those employed in enterprises to collaborate with people in other regions.
As you move up the cloud system, all data will be stored and everyone can see the "standard" version. This also means that the cooperation will be improved, your personnel will work better and more efficiently.
8. Computer security safe
Losing the personal computer was the business problem of billions of dollars. By you not only lose the laptop but also lose all the sensitive data inside it. Cloud computing will help resolve safety issues mentioned above. By the whole of your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it when you have any hardware problems. And even, you can remotely delete data, to avoid its assets falling into the hands of other people.
9. Competitiveness
Turning to the cloud gives you greater business opportunities, for various groups of customers. Cloud allows small businesses operate fast, more efficient rivals or the big business. Using the technology of "small but the martial arts" as the service according to the demand and the cloud application helps small businesses increase the level of competition in the market in terms of technology.
10. Environmental friendly
When using your cloud needs vary, your server quota must also increase/decrease down to fit. So you just use the right energy demand and does not cause a waste of resources, minimizing the impact to the environment.
Are you hesitant about moving up the Cloud system?
Three in any of the above-mentioned benefits well enough to convince many businesses moved up Cloud system. Also if you find all 10 elements on were convinced then surely is not what to think anymore.