What is big data? Why do you need to care about this technology?

Big Data is not just about the volume of data but also the diversity and growth of the data.

The speed of the direct increase in data every minute, currently, very difficult to be able to handle Big Data timeliness. Smart meters, sensors, and RFID makes Big Data becomes necessary more than ever to deal with the string of data in real time. Most organizations are struggling to react to a quick increase in data.
A few years ago, not too hard to save data. However, the increased capacity and reduced storage costs, the industry uses remote DBA support are currently focused on how relevant data can create value.
The diversity of today's data more than a few years ago. The data are classified as structured data (databases), semi-structured data (the data in XML format), and unstructured data (media and record the data in the form of PDF, Word, and text files). Many companies are struggling with the management and merging different data types.
Authenticity (data quality), transformation (the inconsistency of the data), and complex (when dealing with large volumes of data from different sources) are the other important features of the data.
A few other values of Big Data:
  1. Today's customers are very demanding. They often talk to the former client on social channels and considering different decisions before the purchase. A client wants to be treated to personalize and receive a thank you after the purchase. With Big Data, you can get the customer behavior data to attract them to one-another in an about real time. Big Data help you can check the customer's complaints and information about the products that they are not satisfied. From there, you can manage your business reputation.
  2. Big Data help you grow back your product/service that you are selling. Information that other people talking about your product, through the social networking site to help you in developing products.
  3. Big Data allows you to test different variations of the image CAD (Computer Aided Design) to identify small changes in how to influence the process or product. This makes the big data invaluable in the production process.
  4. Predictive analysis will help you stay ahead of the competition. Big Data can create this condition, for example, scan and analyze new social network news and press reports, Big Data helps you to check the status of clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to avoid risks.
  5. Big Data useful in keeping data safe. Big Data tool helps you map the data processing processes of your company, to help you in analyzing the internal threat. For example, you will know that your sensitive information is protected or not. A more specific example is you will be able to flag the email or hosting 16 digits (which could, potentially, have your credit card number).
  6. Big Data allows you to diversify your revenue sources. Large data analysis can provide you the trend data can help you figure out a whole new source of revenue.
  7. Your website needs dynamically so that it can compete favorably in the crowded online environment. Analyze Big Data help you personalize the look, feel and content for the appropriate clients when visiting your site. For example, country or gender. An example of this is the Amazon's IBC (filter based on the relevant item together) using the "People you may know" or "Usually purchases together" to take out the filter results.
  8. If you are managing a factory, Big Data extremely important because you will not be able to replace parts of the technology based on the number of months or years, this technology is used. This extremely expensive and impractical since different parts even won at various levels. Big Data allows you to detect and damage the equipment will anticipate when you should replace them.
  9. Big Data is important in the health care industry, which is one of the few industries in the end still stuck with a common general approach. For example, assume you have cancer, you will go through a therapy and if it is not effective, your doctor will recommend a different treatment. Big Data allows cancer patients get drugs were developed based on individual genes.
1. Data processing of company data you have good enough yet?
Each organization has a huge amount of data generated every minute. Before you start turning this data into the useful property, you need to make sure you have a good data processing. Do you process the data? Have the system is called the super computer will handle your data. Your mission is to control it, make sure you have enough bandwidth and sufficient ability to manage its systems efficiently.
2. Hadoop and Warehouse-may sound strange?
This combination to work effectively in the Organization of your system. When that Warehouse store the important data and structure of your data, Hadoop includes all the extraneous data can be analyzed for use in the future. Warehouse seems weaker than in the processing of the data, but it is work that Hadoop does best. When combined together, these two solutions creates amazing results.
3. Open the door for changes-long term plan.
With Big Data, you can't maintain its infrastructure as current. Growing data through every minute, so data management technologies must also grow. Tools, the current best method may be good but the method in the future would be better. Maintain the flexibility of the business that is creating new products and new ideas. Up for yourself a long-term plan and receive the latest changes as well as the most advanced solution on the market.
4. There's not only the store-safe storage.
Information security is a top priority when making Big Data in your organization. Always understood the risks to your data, clearly define the common attack, while maintaining secure communications. Can data encryption and authentication encryption to keep your data safe. Big Data Security doesn't spend too many costs and also not too complex, it depends on whether you build the Big environment Data of you like.
Did you know that an organization can spend from 5.4-136 million for a chunk of data being stolen?
5. Don't ignore the warning.
Although the technology is good, you should not ever ignore the automatic system generated errors and find out the model of the system. There is Visual detection tool is used to find timely information. The analysis of different data depending on the type of data, for each type of data, will have a different approach.