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What is a VPS and note when leasing the VPS Bitcoin

So the concept is needed sure you also already understand this article should stay just focused on new concepts when you use VPS.
A difficulty for those who first exposed the VPS that is more puzzling specialty concepts and do not know how to use it how to efficiently. If you are intending to use the VPS will be very helpful if you read through the information in this article.

I. What is a VPS?
VPS is the abbreviation of the term Virtual Private Server (virtual private server). A VPS is like Shared Host, it is going to have many VPS are placed on the same physical server and is created by a virtualization technology. So it is different from Shared Hosts at a certain point that the price higher again that serve larger web?
The reason is for the Shared Host, host packages that are sharing resources are determined from a physical server with the resources allowing very low.
Such as yourself to have a server with 6 cores, 12 threads but will create three VPS different with  parameter is 2 cores, 4 threads and in VPS packages that I will create 50 Pack Shared Hosts use generic resources from 2 cores, 4 threads. That is with 2 cores, 4 threads, you will divide the package Shared Hosts and resources from this configuration will be shared with each other, people spend less then spent for people to spend more but not be overly processed allowed of 2 cores, 4 threads.
For each VPS, VPS is owning the RAM completely separate and you can use the whole resources are allocated. Such VPS you have 2 GB of RAM, 2 CPU then you will completely use up the resources without being shared by other websites because each VPS is an independent virtual server system based on a physical server.
That is why that when using VPS, website you will not be slow due to overload and will better security.
II. The need to know when buying a VPS
When purchasing any VPS, you are selecting the following parameters and prices of the VPS will depend on that parameter. The parameters are all of the computer technology so you can easily understand because you sure know IT all people because of the server itself as well as a computer, the only thing it better.
2.1) RAM
In computers, the RAM is the kind of main memory, if your VPS as much RAM, the ability to retrieve data as possible because when using VPS, you will need the RAM to it handles issues such as handling of PHP script with PHP software, export-import query processing of database with MySQL, small applications, supports read-write data, so this parameter is very important.
Currently, most of the VPS service that will allow you to select the level of RAM from 512 MB to 16 GB (if you see any more VPS 16 GB of RAM it's Cloud VPS) and depending on the traffic to your website as well as optimizing VPS then you will need more RAM or less.
With regard to the need to use WordPress, you need at least 1 GB of RAM can use comfortably are, few cases if you've understood the VPS can have 512 MB type and optimized for it, you can run well with about 5000 traffic/day and 100 users online at the same time.
There is, however, a mistake many people make is using their captured RAM VPS often seen worried, this is when the contrast is very good. Because in Linux, RAM the leftovers will be used to store the cache on the server and processes it will discharge when needed. RAM used more often will help the faster processor so you don't need to worry, the rising fear of new CPUS.

2.2) SWAP
Although virtually unused resources you SWAP but you also please explain if you have any questions.
SWAP you out basically a virtual memory to save the old handle act as if your RAM is full (overload), the SWAP itself is a storage space on your hard drive rather than an independent memory.
However, you can still create swap on your VPS and I recommend that you create a swap to the server reach better performance.
2.3) Disk
Disk or understand simple is hard disk drive (HDD), this storage space will be used to save the installation file of the operating system and the file of the source code of the website you save on it.
Current drives are divided into 2 types:
HDD (Hard Disk Drive): is the most common drive type that long you use on that computer.
SSD (Solid State Drive): SSD or you can also listen to Vietnamese translation is a hard sell, is kind of a hard drive to store data but it will have the speed for faster data retrieval type of HDD up to 300 times, this alone is not retrieved from the theory that he had conducted test try HDD drive, access speed is only about 80MB/s but the SSD is more than up to 400 MB/s and the few cases it will be calculated by GB (for example VPS at AZDIGI use RAID-10 should the speed will be up to near 2 GB/s).
VPS type SSD will cost more expensive types of HDD drives. And however not the company would also use the hard drive completely is the SSD because SSD also has many varieties and many different technologies used, for example, one can use the hybrid SSD hard drive (SSD Hybrid) or using SSD cache do (SSD Caching).

2.4) CPU Core
CPU Core means core CPU's. A Dedicated Server there is certain core number and it will be divided for the VPS. Often the core number higher the ability to process the data as possible.
In the VPS packages, on average you will be choosing from the type 1 core to 6 cores.
2.5) Bandwidth/Transfer
The two words have the same meaning as the bandwidth. What is the bandwidth then buy host sure you've got it but I would say again that, bandwidth means the traffic that you are allowed to transmit data.
For example, you have a 1 GB file on VPS just 1 person downloads you will lose 1 GB bandwidth, similar to other file types such as images, CSS, JS, etc.
2.6) IP
IP (Internet Protocol) if explain detailed out the concept are long too. Here his sum is the number of IP addresses that they will give you. The IP address ranges will be randomly chosen a provider for you.
Often if you choose to purchase more IP different than the IP ranges which will have a common class A and b. example:,,
There are 6 basic parameters that you need to know when buying a VPS, which can SWAP information about few providers will not display outside pricing and have that IP you will be picking quantity on the order page.