Virtual private server overview

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a virtual server that is created from the Division of a physical server into multiple virtual servers having same features a private server (Dedicated Server). For those who are doing the MMO then VPS is an effective support tool for you whether you are in the form of developer website or Youtube.
Characteristics of the VPS parameters
  • Independent and unrelated to the other vps packages, is offering a real cpu, ram should you really can use a flexible and comfortable way.
  • Compared to dedicated server vps much cheaper.
  • In addition to using VPS to setup a Web Server, Mail Server as well as other applications, you can install to make own needs such as Web access using a Web browser on the VPS, bittorent download/upload speeds.
  • In the case of vps resources or you want to upgrade, then resources can be easily upgraded without having to restart the system.
  • Can reset the great operating system time from 5-10 minutes.
Practical value when customers rent VPS
  • Powerful vps configuration, there are many different levels for you to choose comfortable with matching packages.
  • Free initial installation costs as well as the active configuration for the client.
  • Customer support and free installation to add separate software.
  • Configured and installed the system Firewall and Ddos Protection.
  • Technical Department to promptly intervene quickly if problems arise.
* Summary, VPS is a nutshell in the solution sites, relatively heavy source code, help you save costs quite a lot of investment in the hosting or server.

What difference between VPS Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server?
There are many to explain but the easiest way to understand is for Shared Hosting is the apartment you rent your condo is bought, VPS, Dedicated Server is in your home.
  • The apartment you rent you have to share the infrastructure (parking place, swimming pool, ...) with the other tenants. As well as not be arbitrarily modify inside the apartment you rent. Share hosting you must share the resources (CPU, RAM, hard drive capacity) with those on the same server.
  • Condo you buy to stay: you still share facilities but you have the right to change, upgrade everything inside your apartment. VPS gives you CPU, RAM and hard drive on the same server and you can fully upgrade, without sharing for anyone.
  • Housing: you have the right to decide everything in your House even can also prevent the room to rent (Shared Hosting) or sell less (VPS).
What does VPS use for?
VPS has a lot of uses depending on your requirements and financial possibilities please introduce yourself with the most common uses of it.

Speed download/upload to Youtube
Yeah right, I believe is more than 90% of those who have and are making money on Youtube are using VPS to increase the speed of upload/download their videos. Use the virtual server may be speeding up many times. Try to think if you have to wait for hours to wait for your video to upload while only having to few minutes if you use the VPS (not enough time to drink cups of coffee). Too fabulous!!
You can use it to transmit the program directly because the speed is very fast and stable.
Operating and storage website
This may be one of the most common uses for VPS users. Virtual servers provide your website more resources (CPU, RAM ...) than the normal shared hosting. Use a VPS you have complete control of your server and your website faster returns. You can install or uninstall the software necessary for you instead can only use what is available on the web. With the website have large data and the number of visitors grew, I strongly recommend using virtual server rather than shared hosting.
Make your home server
You want to run the game on your own server (Minecraft)? This can be done on the virtual server. All you need is a server you can use VPS to do it. Or you can use the VPS to make mail server or the same server.
Testing programming environment, virus analysis, software research and development
Investment for a private server to test is too expensive so the VPS is an ideal choice. You can view the virtual server as a test platform, you can do anything on as install and test software, virus analysis, check the firewall etc without fear of compromising your computer because the VPS completely independent operations on a virtual system.
Drag the torrent
With the normal computers, towing a torrent file can last all day with very slow speed as well as slow internet home. But if you use the virtual server you can accelerate the speed of pulling up many times. Use the VPS to drag the torrent also frees the bandwidth to the internet because it does not use your home bandwidth.

Backup of data
If you still have excess capacity after the VPS you can also use it for backups of your data as a cloud-based storage. However, this is only an extra purpose you can take advantage of if as still admit the capacity on virtual servers, cloud-based storage because there's still a very cheap price.
Used as a VPN Server.
You have to use VPS to do a VPN server. Sometimes some countries will block IP Vietnam for some reason (for example long long Facebook blocked in Vietnam for example). You can Dodge by using virtual server.
Many uses of it which is not listed here. But overall this is a good solution for those who want to speed up the website, upload to Youtube. In Vietnam most of the users use of the service in with the superior functionality as well as there are always promotions for users.