Top 5 best VPS for services Bitcoin 2018

Of note is the suppliers tend to decrease the price in comparison with common ground, a row launched the sale of advanced configuration parameters and quality of service. Here are five potential suppliers for 2025, is worth to you to "drop money" on.
1.) Vultr
With a series of promotion in the year 2016 as donated $20, $50 credit for new customers sign up, keep doubling promotion money to load up to 100 $ through 2017, Vultr currently is the name many Vietnamese choose blogger. Not only famous for the promotion, Vultr also attracts users through Windows VPS services. With Vultr, you can install the win up VPS, no longer have to worry about the cost of copyright Windows anymore, very appropriate for one play to make money with Youtube. As the removal of credit promotion for new customer account will cause temporary Vultr sink, but this guy playback customers from making till excels the old must curb the mouth cavity with the new price list was updated. Not only double RAM capacity and with the old Plan, also Vultr Sandbox package Plan, which allows users to own VPS 512 MB RAM with only $2.5, cheap rates of cheap, not seen on the market.
Vultr currently owns a lot of datacenter in all over the world. In it, notably the 2 location of speed for the Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. $2.5 package can use to run small and medium websites. HocTrick Blog is also using similar parameters VPS Plan $2.5.
2.) Linode
The same comparison with the role Vultr, 2 these providers are positive the arms race to occupy more market share. Still keep the $20 donation credit promotion for new clients through 2016, however, to 2017, Linode has had major changes extremely intrigued when launched Plan 1 GB cost only $5 Linode, causing other providers are started (of course before the time Vultr launches Sandbox package Plan $2.5 to answer a challenge from Linode).
In addition, Linode has added the High Memory Package Plans on the occasion of Valentine's day this year, for customers who have a need to use the server parameter crisis began 16 GB and a maximum of 200 GB, is priced from $60 to $960.
Linode and Vultr are considered to have the potential in the future, will probably soon crossed the face of your provider is introduced below.
3.) DigitalOcean
The reason that this brand was ranked in the third place because, in 2016 and through 2017, this party did not have any change would deserve attention. Still, the promotion up to 35 $ free trial services, equivalent to 7, use 512 MB VPS packages for small and medium websites. If is in 2016, this is very promotion are of interest, then to 2017, service of DigitalOcean was cooking is "expensive". Also, when other providers have lowered the price of the equivalent package down to just half the price but DO still keeps silent, there's no signal will change.
Just so that DigitalOcean are no longer as before and gradually are being Vultr and occupied Linode customer in no small way. However, ignoring the issue of the price of service DUE worth to use. Large amounts of property location, including the location of Singapore for Vietnam on speed, is very fast and stable.
The register is also very simple and almost completely automatically (except some cases being detected signs cheaters will be supported handle hand). Support these party members are also very enthusiastic and relaxed, just write the Ticket stated the problem is will be processed in a short time.
However, there are many promotions such as the provider of RamNode services, but still very much popular where in the world. Ramnode not so exceptional, but then the quality no one dares immaculately. The price of Ramnode VPS is also very fit with common ground, 5 $-10 $ for the package 512 MB-1 GB of RAM.
VPS are divided into 2 types. OpenVZ and KVM. The KVM package of Ramnode can be installed on a Windows server. The speed of cattle then out to the table. However, the price has stuck more than a little. There are not too many data centers as the supplier on the new Ramnode currently, only 5 location include New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, and the Netherlands. However, there are two locations is Los Angeles and Seattle to Vivu speed about Vietnam.
Another point of attraction of users Ramnode is all VPS packages support Staminus DDoS prevention system available up to 20Gbps, reduce damage from denial of service attacks to the lowest possible level.
On the occasion of last year's Ramnode, BlackFriday has a lifetime 25% discount on the entire VPS. The lowest package only from $11.25/year.
This name seems pretty familiar to many people, but this is very famous suppliers around the world. In Vietnam, the only population of new, quality trendy here as well. (Before) VPS in Dediserve there are always cheaper than other providers, so very little promotion, the main reason that also do the promotions side must end soon before the deadline because of ... hot
Currently, Dediserve owns 16 Datacenter. In that location has good pole transmission line HongKong Vietnam, far more stable compared to the location of Singapore and Indonesia.
Customer care services are always appreciated, there live chat 24/7, VPS uptime 100% always also is the reason many people choose Dediserve.
This side also has a Windows Server, but will again spend more $21 copyright fees, therefore, not recommended to use.
Above is the 5 vendors are making rain wind in the domestic market as well as international, to purse hooks. If not try, please purchase a package to experience goes, make sure that you will like to dare you.
Wish you have a choice like for yourself. See you again.