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2018-11-07 16:20:17

Told the Economic Times of India, Steve Wozniak said the bad guys stole seven co Bitcoin from his electronic wallet.

But not great value, but how the theft was very remarkable. Steve Wozniak says that someone ordered online 7 Bitcoin his contract with a credit card payment, but they canceled midway.
Bitcoin value doubled after bottoming 
After the Korean government relaxed about banning the Bitcoin exchanges, this currency has risen 100% of its value after three weeks of bottoming.
Bitcoin reached its highest level in three weeks to the day 20/2. Value digital currency increased 100% since the lowest decrease in the year.
On the trading floor Bitstamp, reaching 11,722 USD Bitcoin Tuesday. Calculated from the lowest level this year was 5,920 USD in early February, Bitcoin has risen 100% in value.
Bitcoin currently exceeding 11,000 USD 5,900 USD after bottoming three weeks ago.
According to Yonhap, the government will support the purchase amount if this is the "normal transaction."
According to a report, no authentication of Yonhap Reuters provides, Korea has been stepping up the monitoring issues money transactions of the people, including students and housewives also participated in the field this is despite the risks have been warned.
A month ago, Seoul said it is considering promulgating the decision to stop all the money transactions. This makes Bitcoin prices worldwide disorders and declined.
Then notified the Korean government only consider a complete ban, has not yet made a final decision.
3 minutes 7 million dollars in virtual theft 
Hackers consuming just 3 short minutes to take away some virtual money worth up to $ 7 million for a small error on your website CoinDash.
According to the announcement from the exchange CoinDash, the event took place on Token Sale 17/07, hackers took advantage of vulnerabilities and appropriated the amount of virtual money Ether worth 7 million USD in 3 minutes time period.
Specifically, hackers changed a small detail but very important is the address for Ethereum. Therefore, the virtual currency in the session moved to the wrong purse, causing property loss.
"Unfortunately when informed that we had been attacked in the event attack Token Sale. In this case, $ 7 million was stolen by unknown criminals," the company explained.
However, some people in the community Reddit does not think so. They give CoinDash had arranged the attack, change of address and do the companies who harmed.
In addition, these depositors to address virtual Ether hackers will not necessarily lose everything. The company announced that it will provide CDT (CoinDash Token) for anyone who cheated in terms of time occurs before locking sites when employees discovered the hack.
Steve Wozniak buy Bitcoin mainly for ... fun.
The problem is that there is a credit card should not be phony map appearances instigators, and Steve Wozniak also lose some Bitcoin that cannot be regained. Really, this is a move too easily.
Wozniak said he initially tried to play Bitcoin to see someday can use this pre-coding instead of cash or credit card or not.
2017, Wozniak told CNBC that he bought 700 USD Bitcoin but then nearly sold out and only keep a little. Of course, with assets of up to $ 100 million, Wozniak does not worry about the money Bitcoin "trifle" stolen.

"CoinDash responsible for all customers and will send CDT for those who respond", announced the company on the site.
Currently, CoinDash has earned $ 6.4 million contributions from the company and grateful for the support of users.
Martial arts star ambassador virtual money knockoff called Bitcoin 
Despite air traumatic overwhelm exchanges money digital, virtual currency, new Bitcoin was born with the support of martial arts star cinema Steven Seagal.
Bitcoin counterfeit Bitcoins name, confusing if not to notice. Steven Seagal has confirmed on Twitter that he is the global ambassador for virtual money Bitcoin 2nd Generation (Bitcoiin2Gen).
According to Coindesk, Bitcoiin2Gen website does not list information about the real owners of this virtual currency. The domain is registered in Panama in 2015 initially but then switched owners last January.

Although the names are confusing the fact Bitcoiin2Gen uses the technology of virtual currency blockchain Ethereum.
The bitcoiin2gen program announced preparations for the ICO to raise capital here just promising high returns for investors.
In a press release broadcast, Bitcoiin2Gen emphasized the importance of Ambassador Steven Seagal: "As Buddhists, who teaches meditation and heal the pain, Steven lived according to the principles developed ourselves is needed necessary to protect the inner mind. He believes that what works in life is to lead the way, to awaken and enlighten in a certain way. This is exactly the goal of Bitcoiin2Gen to bring local community complex decentralized P2P payment to own wallet, money and training ecosystem blockchain powerful platform does not need a third party ".
However, it seems many new virtual currencies is seeking to rely on a little celebrity. Exchange Commission and the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) has issued a warning about the state taking advantage of the popularity of the stars to promote virtual currency.
"Many celebrities are using social networking to encourage the public to buy shares, and perform other types of investment," the SEC expressed concern in the message broadcast month 11/2017.
"This involvement can be illegal if not overt nature, source and any payments made under direct or indirect way by the lessee given in exchange for the participation of the stars".
SEC warns the stars do not have sufficient expertise to provide investment advice in accordance with law. Therefore, investors should be very careful whether cinema idols of their recommendation to invest in property or other assets.