The trend for the development of the current virtual server

The current virtual server dang is one of those things is a lot of server rental Center the quality of care, they are a completely new system is operated and run by the Foundation support virtualization. Virtual server's market today is very large because it meets very fast and strong demands on the server for the current market.
Through the general definition after the summation of the current virtual server market share, not only in the server that we today still link, try to make optimal virtualization add a lot of these other forms such as virtualization in the storage and virtualization in server's operations but all investment in virtual server.
From that, we can lead to the conclusion that the virtual server market today are to be the focus of development and the progress makes the conditions quite perfect for virtual servers and high-end virtualization platforms today.

Based on the mechanism of protection by multiple layers of security solutions, information security in network system of CMC SI help for businesses, institutions achieve the international standards of safety network:
  • Ensure critical data loss, not spread;
  • Prevent unauthorized penetration into the data;
  • Standard PCI DSS;
  • Allowing the officers, employees work remotely via public networks in a secure manner;
  • Allows for flexible changes to the privacy policy according to each area;
  • Allows access to network resources and convenient service but still ensures safe, reliable;
  • Apply different access levels to the level of end users;
  • Support high availability;
Security solutions, network information safety is a combination of Firewall, IPS products, Load Balancer, NAC, DLP ... of leading technology firms such as Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Microsoft ... Solution components include:
  • The device firewall, intrusion detection;
  • Devices, antivirus software;
  • The access policy system, data exchange, security safety net.
Prominent function
Easy configuration changes
  • Cloud Server with premium features, change the configuration (RAM, CPU, hard drive) in just 15 minutes.
High availability
  • Cloud Server system built large-scale always ready for all your configuration requirements
User-friendly interface
  • The admin interface is friendly and easy to use fully integrated features such as the initialize, edit, delete, change the configuration, update the firewall ...
Private Network
  • Each Cloud Server 1 uses the Private Network make sure to always be the safest protection, avoid all risk.
Fast initialization
  • Cloud Server initialization experience extremely fast in just 30 seconds. Full Server Management
Advanced Firewall
  • Multi-layer firewall and integrated Layer 4 Portal ensure Cloud Server safe. Security by IBM Managed Security Services
DNS management
  • You have full administrative rights to the DNS system on the Cloud Server.

The current conditions of virtual server
From there, the conditions of today's virtual servers are being promoted and have many strengths include: strong on the optimal service. Currently the server is has a lot of strengths for the variety of service. Because of only a strong Server system today, the technician was able to divide into many virtual servers for many different clients, security project.
The second strength comes from the optimal investment. As we know it today to invest for the virtual server. We need to have a lot of flexible elements in investment but investment collapse back in the hardware system. I.e. instead of investing more server hardware systems, we just collected that money back invest 1 aggressively real servers only. From there the benefits of space as well as the number of servers needed to be great investments.
Are virtual servers optimized now?
If referring to the problem of optimization. Server questions today were not optimal has so many answers. Actually, for current needs, we can already feel the virtual server technology today has reached the desired level after the service. However if the mention of the future then perhaps the today's server technology will no longer be optimized again.
From that which to be able to meet the optimum surface for the server in the future. We need to constantly optimize more for services on your server to be able to from which this technology was not far behind and can satisfy in full the requirements for virtual server. It was an arduous process and full hard.

The directions for optimum virtual host server
Here, we will list the steps needed to do so can I favor virtual server in the future. There are two sides to the optimization that we see that it is increasingly being perfected this year, better than the year before and the year after will be much more than the present that we collectively is that the development of the technology include:
The optimization of response hardware for the virtual server
About the hardware, the development of hardware is the optimal elements that today we see it most obvious development. about the only kind of small retail hardware, such as hard drives, the maximum amount of support for today's servers is being increased rapidly from which the server more and bigger storage space to share for the virtual server.
Or in chip handling of server systems, more and better support for the operating features virtualization platform or Threading. And this development is based on the competitive element of the computer hardware, large servers in the world.
The optimization of software support
Not about hardware. Today's software also has many pass development limited. Not only helps us to control the host system correctly. The software system of professional fees from major software companies also integrate all the advanced functions as fixes, handled the situations easily programmed without the technician must spend more to make.
The orientation for future development
And in the not so distant future, the professional analysts of the server that has the server system of the new era will bring us the truly incredible gadget not only on its ability to meet the operating, but also about all the diverse features support up to users to make the handle server system expert career today.