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2018-12-10 06:46:07

The Syndrome "Future dream" in the whirlwind bitcoin

I. Repeat the same mistake
The year 2017 has closed the frenetic about yet apparently bitcoin signs of hypothermia and still continue "making rain wind" on world financial markets.
However, the value of this virtual coins to over 1,000% growth in the past year to deep discount and then 50% just in the last few weeks have shown great uncertainty of a "casino".
This is a hard thing to explain, but if looking at the past is not unjustly that many economic experts predicted that the value of bitcoin will continue rising this year.
This led to the term Déjà vu (or see the dream the future ever happened in the past), is the description of the feeling you've seen before or experienced something before you know for sure that I've ever experienced. Or in other words, this is exactly the phenomenon of perceived "history repeating".
In contrast to the past, surely those who love the species tulips brightly colorful will not forget tulip mania (aka bubble tulips) occurred in the Netherlands in the 17th century when prices this icon of flower hikes that unusual to then collapse.
In Europe at that time, tulips symbolize status and power, is reserved for the nobility, and that is the reason that people rushed to buy tulip. When demand exceeds supply, traders have created a gamble, where they pay the price to be bought with this rare flower, with the belief that it will raise prices in the future.
The result is that in 1637 when the fever tulips culminated, some bulbs of tulips even sold for "heaven" many times more than the annual income of a craftsman skilled, it appears the "silver platter" is suddenly collapsed due to the major players decide to sell off.
Prices immediately fall flower bulbs upright only 1% of the value has caused traders to panic rinse stockpile. Consequently, there are wealthy merchants overnight downgraded almost a beggar still many people in the ranks of nobility saw his body destroyed furniture that can not save. This is considered a speculative bubble first recorded in history.
A crisis similar to tulips, in the period of 90 years, the global market continues to fall into crisis stock bubble dot-com (also known as the Y2K bubble). That day, new concepts of Windows operating systems and the Internet appear immediately develop rushing and pushing share prices of renowned technology companies such as Netscape's then-towering up.
Going along with the seething of stock index NASDAQ Technology (USA). Consequently, by 2000, due to "inflated" unduly by investors and the expectations of the market ridiculous "ball" began to explode. Peaked in early 2000 with more than 5,000 points, but only until the end of that year, the NASDAQ fell by 50%.

Even 30 months later, the index fell to 78% from the peak is set previously. Companies like and Webvan completely removed from the map business, while Cisco's stock price plunged 86% and Qualcomm also bear heavy losses. This incident caused the dot-com market collapse, plus a number of events such as 11/9 service, making the US economy quickly plummeted.
II. Virtual money, the real damage
Unpredictable fluctuations led many people not out of concerns that once again history "bubbles breaking" will repeat for the market the coins of encryption.
The experts said that the cause of price rises in recent months bitcoin is mainly due to the psychology "of the East" by investors and the tightening of policies in some major economies, as well as positive views about bitcoin of some "he "the big banks on Wall Street, not based on the actual value of the coin.
In other words, the value of bitcoin is being "hyped" up and could collapse at any time.
Bitcoin bubbles, if collapse, will not cause too great influence.
The reason is that although the number of investors in bitcoin on a large, song most of 366.8 billion market value of bitcoin is owned by a small group that belongs to the super-rich, including "eat may" when investing in coins from early.
Thus, even in the worst case happened, these people already super rich that, also just "Subtract" rich go a bit.
However, that is just a pink script when we fail to factor in crowd psychology which created the "sublimation" of bitcoin.

An unexpected price drop can create line effects, causing the owners of virtual coins in bulk each race after fearing a rush off stronger in the future. And this action comes with the shortage of liquidity, will create a true nightmare.
The spread will occur throughout the system, the other virtual currencies like the ethereum, litecoin or monero will also inevitably implications.
That's not to mention the scenario when the government is Bitcoin "Nevertheless horn", the investors will go, Where? Currently, many countries do not accept Bitcoin as a transaction currency. A currency is determined when the unit is easy to calculate, taking reserves in value and as an intermediary for the exchange of goods.
In fact, Bitcoin cannot meet the standards of a currency, considering three factors. Currently, respectively officials in the financial circles of Thailand, Korea, India ... turn voiced assertion not supported trading virtual money and give warning of metamorphosis when using Bitcoin as fraud, money laundering.
In this regard, Eric Schiffer - CEO of the company stock Patriarch Equity, has warned investors that they should not trade off the savings of yourself into something that he called "threat finance the bloodiest of the 21st century ".