The main components of PaaS – Cloud computing

Now, consider the service to be provided, is called stack solution. As such, the claim that the two main components of Platform Computing are PaaS and her husband, the solution is to incorporate fuzzy logic.

To illustrate the two "ingredients", we take a closer look at the definition of them. A computing platform, in the simplest form, referring to a place where the software can be started consistently as long as the item meets the criteria of that platform. Examples of popular platforms including Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux for the operating system; Google Android, Windows Mobile, and Apple iOS for mobile computing; and Adobe AIR or Microsoft.NET Framework for the framework of the software. The important thing to remember is you are not talking about software that is on the platform that the software was built to run on it. Figure 1 provides an illustration to help you understand this relationship.
Figure 1. The graphical interpretation of the relationship between the cloud group and the element of PaaS

Now you have to understand the concept of Platform Computing, let's find out what is the solution stack. A stack of solutions includes applications that will be available in the development process as well as application deployment. The applications based on operating systems, run-time environment, source control, inventory, and software necessary any other intermediary.
Select a provider
Her husband, the solution also makes the PaaS company far apart from each other, it is a thing that you will need to explore more deeply before deciding to jump on the train trip PaaS.
Here are some of the basic questions that you may want to ask before committing to a particular PaaS provider:
PaaS support frame and the language? The ideal is a PaaS should support the frame of any work based on the preferred language of the platform.
I can make out how many applications? Most PaaS providers limit the number of applications that you can build upon the approach or package you signed up. Make sure that the vendors put out a package or to meet your needs.
What kind of content would be allowed? The infrastructure support offered PaaS concept usually involves multiple computing called lease (multi-tenant computing), here many "sides" share the same "right of residence" on a single server, are separated by the virtual machine by a super program management oversight. A PaaS provider may have certain restrictions on the type of application and the content you expected to host on the server.
What types of databases are supported? This answer is very important if you want to move to data as part of your application. You must make sure that the database under proposals from providers that are compatible with the format that you intended to use to enter your data.
Does it support SSL (HTTPS)? This is an important factor for security reasons. You will encounter big problems if you expected to make transactions through your application and you discover that SSL is not supported.
PaaS dissection
Now when you've come here to learn about PaaS, let's explore together you should consider the features when comparing the PaaS provider:
Application development framework. A framework to develop strong applications built on the technology to be widely used. Ideally, you should be vigilant to the possibility of being dependent on suppliers here. Open source platforms such as Java ™ technology is usually a safe bet in this matter.
Easy to use. A PaaS should come with easy-to-use WYSIWYG tools have the Add-ons (widgets), user interface components, the drag-and-drop tools, and support for a number of standard IDE. It will create favorable conditions for the development of rapid, repeated applications.
The tools business process modeling (BPM). You need a framework of powerful BPM allows you to model your business processes and build the application around it.
Likely to be available. The platform must be accessible and available anywhere, at any time.
The ability to expand. This platform must be smart enough to take advantage of a scalable infrastructure to handle the downloads will use the application.
Safe. In order to combat effectively the threats, platforms need to resolve things like the trans command script websites, internal radiation allows the SQL, denial of service attack, and information flow and encryption make it infuse deep into the development of applications. In addition, the platform must support the ability to log in once for you to be able to integrate it with the rest of the spot application or any cloud application.
Computer integration. This platform should provide the ability to include, embedding, and integration of other applications built on the same platform or other platforms.
Mobility. This platform does not need attention to underlying infrastructure and allows the companies to move applications from this to the other IaaS IaaS.
The conversion tool. To facilitate moving data quickly and easily from legacy on-premises applications to applications based on the new platform, the large import converter is a necessary part of the toolkit of this platform.
API. To perform tasks such as user authentication and store and retrieve the files (for example, the Web application files and assets) and sometimes even make a call directly to a database, an API platform has enough materials needed. This will allow your professional activity can be flexible in creating and customizing a software application to communicate with the platform to meet the specific needs of the company.