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2018-01-01 17:33:56

The influence of the Bitcoin and virtual currency for the global financial system

Bitcoin is the threat to the global financial system?
Bitcoin does not indicate a threat to the financial stability and could not "cause a stir" the mainstream market in the next few years, a group of leading economic experts to Europe.
According to a survey by the Center for Economics and policy research center, the economy performing with nearly 50 professors from universities across Europe, most are optimistic about the risks due to this digital coins can bring, despite the constant warnings from financial experts.

The small scale and the integral of the bitcoin system with the wider global financial is one of the key reasons causing economic experts proved to not worry. Although the value of bitcoin has increased over 1000% in the year, the total value of them only about a few hundred billion is too small compared to the total value of 80 billion USD of the global currency markets.
Veteran financial experts as CEO of J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs also had a word of warning about the bitcoin in recent months, while the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland again for it as the hell of Dante when given that it is a bubble top the body is in need of a warning "end of the world" for the investment from the Central Bank.
There have been fears about the possibility of the Bank will cover losses when dealing bitcoin, when a group of large investment banks wrote to American executives to say that the operating system in this country was prepared too. However, the currency of this increasingly steps deeper into the global financial system, after appearing for the first time on the futures contract trading floor in the world such as the CME and CBOE.
A note of warning was Wouter den Haan, London School of an economics professor, put out. He said that the crisis in the past shows that "might just need key financial institutions fall into the major risk is enough to cause both system risk".
Although the majority of economic experts are convinced that there are limited risks to financial stability, they also say that the Government should give greater control measures for the currency because of the anonymity and encryption are not clever of them can help increase the tax evasion and other criminal activities.
Expert Nicholas Oulton of London School of Economics said: "one of the tasks of the current policy is to suppress money laundering and tax evasion via tax havens. Thus, the strange thing would be to give the coins ' faces ' encoding methods this administration ".
The warning was given after Youbit-a encryption money trading in Korea-filing bankruptcy because hackers attacked for the second time this year, adding to concerns about the level of safety in the transactions by bitcoin and coins other virtual are on da boom.
It was the second attack in just over two weeks. A bitcoin worth nearly 64 million of NiceHash, a location based in Slovenia, was also hacker steals before.
The trading floor and for always being ahead bitcoin aimed, and security experts said that these places are becoming more vulnerable to the wave of cybercrime when the value of bitcoin increased.
Virtual money is finding a foothold at all in the advertising industry
According to Bloomberg, the media label in the early 1960 's not what effective way to make the stock price doubled by from "tronics". The end of the Decade to 1990, to solicit public opinion, the best way is to use the keyword "dot com". Also in the year 2017, the keyword to blow the longing of the main investor is the different forms of virtual money as Ethereum, Bitcoin.
Sure that will come at the virtual money created a revolution in the world, similar to what the Internet and electronic devices ever made, about investing in the world now are "play" with all the stuff related to this investment. On 20/10, the threshold of the USD 6,000 peak touches Bitcoin of all time back as beliefs about the new era with the technology chain blocks (Blockchain) has really come close.
Not only is increasingly getting more support opinion Bitcoin as well as virtual money in Wall Street, some Governments have also expressed openness to this new technology.
For example, while China turned away with virtual money, Japanese officials have decided the opposite. Early October, the financial services agency of Japan formally recognized the company's 11th-floor operator registered virtual money operations. Or before that, the country also passed a law recognizing the Bitcoin as a payment method. Many retail firms have supported this legislation. Japanese media also reported the Bank is considering the establishment of digital money named J-Coin.

Future wide open with virtual money
Possible future of virtual money is also to be strengthened when for the first time in Dubai, a luxury apartment project Aston Plaza & Residences in Dubai, has a total area of over 223,000 square meters of the two towers 40 stories, will open the first tranche sale with 150 apartments and receive payment by Bitcoin.
Specifically with the studio apartment (apartment type, does not divide the space has an area of 60 m 2 maximum) will be sold at a price from the equivalent of about 133,000-Bitcoin 30 USD. Meanwhile, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment is 58 Bitcoin (about 183,000 DOLLARS).
Therefore, the Bitcomo combines two innovative ideas into one: a face here is a virtual money released where time (ICO) promises to release a fixed price for each user's behavior (buying products, the register, deposit). On the other hand, it is the network that allows the Publisher to promote any ads from anywhere in the world depending on the needs, preferences and the nature of their traffic. After that, the Publisher will direct their ads to the right target, to the right audience, lead to the highest conversion rates possible.
The company generated Bitcomo are conducting the process of investment and the ICO will be held from 15/10/2017 to 29/11/2017. This company valuation for each token with 1 USD = 1 BM. Value based on the underlying value or minimum of the other CPA networks around the world.