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The businesses accept payment by using Bitcoin in the last of 2018 and 2019

1. Distributor of H & M
H & M Distributor is not a retail company multinational clothing Hennes & Mauritz of Sweden AB. distributors H & M here is the distributed lighting system, namely ballasts replace pylons, lights, and accessories for the rack lights.
Moreover, through e-commerce platform encoding Chimpion money, purchase process using Bitcoin will also very much easier.
In particular, Bitcoin is not the only company cryptocurrency acceptance; In addition they also Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and the other Altcoin.
Founder and Chief Executive of H & M distributors, Herb Needham declared:
"The decision to accept Bitcoin and types of cryptocurrency was made after the company noticed the fledgling asset class is breaking the financial barriers (by removing the need for the Bank); at the same time allowing us to sell products out to a wider international market.
Accept payment by money coding allows us to share that expertise with more customers by removing many of the barriers make it difficult for sales in the international market. Saturday our attraction is the payment system, which allows companies to convert encrypted pay a sum of money equivalent to USD instantly. "
Though this may not be important announcements or the most interesting in the history of the Bitcoin, however somewhat it is still one of the most positive steps for money leading encryption.
2. Store Chain Domino's Pizza
Last week, a new consumer application to provide services to order pizza at Domino's Pizza, payment in full for Bitcoin citizens are living in the United States.
LN Pizza and growing acceptance
Lightning Pizza, the latest services from payment applications Bitcoin Fold is headquartered in San Francisco, said users can choose to buy pizza from Domino's or Pizza delivery to any address in the United States.
Moreover, the payment process will be done using Bitcoin, namely using Lightning Network, allowing transactions almost immediately for a fee of just under 1 percent
Now you can buy Domino's Pizza through the Lightning Network discount * 5% * from anywhere in the United States with free < 0.01 USD, transactions and delivery ~ 30 minutes. Get the cake while still warm in http://LN.Pizza "
Although no details about whether Bitcoin gets accepted at all Domino's Pizza store 13,811 spread worldwide including China or not, this also doesn't change the fact that Bitcoin, Lightning Network is increasingly gaining a high suction power from the community.
3. E-commerce company Rakuten Japan
E-commerce company Rakuten Japan declared mobile payments application Rakuten Pay will have a big update on 18 March, quoted in the report in 2018 the company's income. In this update, the application will integrate more features payment by money, not just fiat money (France).

According to this report, the payment application promises to "integrating all payment solutions into a single platform."
In the recent document, sources have confirmed that the company Rakuten-known as an Amazon of A-will has to change the structure of a certain entrepreneur on next time. The company is restructuring will include cash trading company's online encryption called "everybody's Bitcoin" or "people's"-with Bitcoin as a subsidiary of Rakuten Payment. This subsidiary, former subsidiary that specializes in customer loyalty rose spots as Spot Spotlight will also include prepaid card services group, entitled "Rakuten Edy".
Report its earnings the company determined that Edy will be supported in the app will update and support payments using a QR code. Although the update application does not note clearly supports pre-coding, but the specifications of the company pointed out "all payment solutions" will be supported on the basis of implied "support encryption liquidity "as part of the company, the company Rakuten payment.
Company Rakuten made a deal to acquire money exchanges encryption "Everyone's Bitcoin" worth 2.4 million dollars in August 2018. At that time, the company representative said that the company has considered joining the cash payment encryption because they believe that "the role of cash payments based on encryption in e-commerce, retail and payment offline P2P will grow in the future."
In its earnings report, the company Rakuten has reported net income for 2018 is approximately 141.9 billion yen ($ 1.3 billion), up 28.4% over 2017 compared to 2017.
in March 2015, the company also announced that it has started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option on payment gateways in the US,
A finance company and another internet giant Japanese conglomerate SBI Holdings, has also shown great interest to the field of pre-coding. The company has launched a trading platform of their own pre-coding, Vctrade, in July. Mercantile Exchange began accepting deposits (deposit) some type of electronic money-cap high from December 2018.
The online companies accepting payments by Bitcoin

Goods general - This list will not be complete without mention Overstock, the company is run by Patrick Byrne - who owns Medici Ventures, a company related blockchain. - A site primarily for women which sells household items and fashion items. Everything from benches too high heels.
Microsoft - Although not a default option at checkout, but users have accounts Microsoft wants to use Bitcoin can access the "Billing and Payment Options", in their account and click "Redeem Bitcoin". This time, they will have the opportunity to "top-up" to $ 100 at a time using BitPay. is one of the major components computer store and sell almost everything related chúng to computers and electronic equipment. Muốn buy PlayStation 4, new gaming computer, a good laptop, sound system, television, Newegg will let you do it khi payment-with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.
The Web service name service provider, hosting with many choices all of khác mà can use the Bitcoin payments. Similar to Microsoft, cần first load funds with a volume of Bitcoin you choose and then you can use HIS Freely account balance to pay for the service.
ExpressVPN-A reliable VPN service and accept Bitcoin payments Reputable.
Both the email service provider's privacy Tutanota The accept Bitcoin payments and Protonmail chúng for high-end products.
Shopify-although you can not pay the fee to the Shopify online using Bitcoin, but you can use it to pay in any store on
Shopify accepts Bitcoin and other types of electronic money the easy way.
PureVPN - PureVPN is a service virtual private network (VPN) is now accepting Bitcoin other. They even provide a guide on how to pay with Bitcoin.
Some other VPN vendors including, NordVPN, SurfShark, CyberGhost and also accept Bitcoin HideMyAss.
Food lets you order pizza from anywhere and you can use other currencies to pay in addition Bitcoin Just use the conversion tool is integrated Shapeshift available to use dozens of other options as Litecoin, Ethereum or Monero. - Uk website allows you to order from dozens of restaurants in the UK carried away by Bitcoin.
Customers in many European countries can buy coffee from CryptoCoffee, coffee distributor take-centered electronic money.
Peppers Pex derived from electronic money selling chili and accept many different types of electronic money.
You can also buy wine from Misconduct Wine Company, but it still has limitations in terms of transport.
The current situation is the staple food purchased with Bitcoin through gift cards purchased online. Although there are some restaurants restrictions in major cities around the world accept and support Bitcoin, but other places around the world again a bit slower, so we recommend using gift cards when you want to spend money on food