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2017-11-23 17:06:36

The battle between bitcoin and bitcoin cash

Bitcoin is being fallen 2,000 USD and lost 1/4 value. What the winner of bitcoin and bitcoin cash?
Will bitcoin retreat for "coin descendant" of its development or keep forever the unique?
For two days last week, the number of money market witnessed a battle between two fierce capitalization coin mother bitcoin and bitcoin cash. This is called the battle of capitalization because a large number of investors moved capital from bitcoin to bitcoin cash intended to enlist the benefit from the currency separation events of bitcoin cash.
In only 4 days worth of virtual money King, Bitcoin reduced 5,900 after reaching $7,900 DOLLARS. At the same time as the emergence of new stars Bitcoin Cash, increased more than 3 times the value.
The price fell more than 8 percent in the Bitcoin on 12/11, continuous decline ensued down below the 5,900 DOLLARS after reaching the highest price of $7,900.
Price index on the Coinmarketcap page, the market has reduced the level at Bitcoin 5,900 USD, this is the lowest level since 1/11.
12/11 minutes, Bitcoin Cash-money coded to be split from August-beginning of Bitcoin has skyrocketed and the owls reached the highest price so far is $2,400, with the market capitalization at more than 41 billion across the face of the Ethereum became the currency of the digital world's second strongest.
On Facebook, many people attempted to buy directly from Bitcoin other players to cut the fee payment. The goal is to "embrace" more Bitcoin waiting for price increases.
Also, see disadvantages from the Bitcoin rumors about whether the money will disappear. Virtual money investors are professional enough awake to realize this is rumors from the world of speculation.
"You can see investors simply move capital between bitcoin and bitcoin cash depends on whether they think these short-term factors can be nothing", according to Chris Burniske-author of "Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond". "It is the struggle between the investors and trading houses to get more ' bitcoin2x ' dividends".
Compared with the level of 9/11 peak, dropped by more than $2,000, the bitcoin around the same time that bitcoin cash nearly 2,000 USD. This morning, bitcoin had 5,600 USD at reduced from the peak of US $7,882 according to Coinmarketcap. Meanwhile, bitcoin cash yesterday had the highest full-time 2,426 DOLLARS-highest time before returning to the level of US $1,217 at 1:51 this afternoon.
Reasons, why fallen deep bitcoin stem from the plan to upgrade the block size SegWit2x delayed due to not gaining consensus from the stakeholders, aroused fears about the future of the currency. Currently, the number of unauthenticated bitcoin transactions amounting to more than 140,000 and is still continuing to rise. As many people exploit the bitcoin and the popularity of this coin, the risk will become victims of the bitcoin itself will grow.
Besides that, the momentum of price increases the impression of bitcoin can attract investors, however many of them have no knowledge of technology. Worse, some people do not distinguish the two copper bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Fran Strajnar-CEO Bravenewcoin for that bitcoin is entering a different phase of the FUD (fear-fear, uncertainty, and doubt-uncertainty-doubt).
"I believe that the situation is currently causing embarrassment for FUD millions of new investors to pour money into money market numbers, such as the existence of 2 copper bitcoin: bitcoin and bitcoin cash," said Strajnar said.
Between the adverse situation of the bitcoin development group, cash back tung believed preparing to conduct separately. Accordingly, the investor would hold bitcoin cash before this process takes place will receive the same amount of money the mirror of the bitcoin cash respectively that the person in the world known as "dividends bitcoin 2 x".
In this war, the goals clearly in favor of bitcoin cash. Money mirror of the bitcoin has raised $1,800 after having to postpone the upgrade plan information SegWit2x. In just 1 day, cash has increased 100% to near bitcoin and crossed the ethereum's capitalization, rose to # 2 on the Billboard 100 coin has the highest capitalization of Coinmarketcap.
However, pump and dump is not a strange phenomenon with respect to the number of currencies other than the bitcoin (altcoin). First, the large capital investments (the sharks) will find a way to pump (buy-in) altcoin to boost the market. After gathering enough then will gladly dump (sold) to currency. To do this, the LCL group while the sharks must also find a way to kick off the rumors about the altcoin that they have purchased.
On the money market, the rumor has a very strong impact on nature. After the rumor spread, trading volumes will increase and growing altcoin value. Kumar Gaurav-President Cashaa reviews "the momentum of the rapid increase of 600 up to about $2,400 BCH and from about 1,300 and USD 2,400 like a pump and dump lie just within 30 minutes. Compared with the foreign exchange market, money market small lots so very easy to manipulate and cannot be used to compare the BTC and BCC's future ".
Influence of bitcoin, Mr. Gaurav for this coin that has a certain maturity and will quickly return the model price increases, touching the top target of 8,000 USD. "Meanwhile, the BCH too new to gauge the momentum increase is long-term prospects or just a single pump and dump of the typical altcoin," said Gaurav said.
It's hard to recognize the ultimate victory belongs to anyone in the battle between the two "mother": bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Just know that, while "Mama and daughter" are fighting, ethereum still did not turn with rates around about 310 dollars and capitalization of about us $30 billion.