Server virtualization solution-data centre (Datacenter-Server Virtualization) and cloud deployment

Professionals through virtualization on cloud platforms is the tendency of current information technology by system virtualization technology platform into the cloud computing platform with flexible management, the fastest solve important problems of modern technology infrastructure meets the strict most of the customers.
ICSC was one of the first units to reach the world's advanced technology, management consulting, build the technology infrastructure systems as complex as server virtualization, data center virtualization, private cloud computing building (private cloud), public cloud (public cloud) and hybrid cloud (hybrid cloud). Aims to support customers save on management costs and the cost of operating system resources and focus more on improving its business services on the platform.

ICSC provides consulting solutions, manage and improve the solution:
  • Virtualization server infrastructure
  • Datacenter infrastructure virtualization
  • Built & managed private cloud
  • Build & manage public cloud
  • Build & manage hybrid cloud
Virtualization for greater efficiency, the availability of data of higher and lower costs
Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce it costs while efficiency is growing fast, not just for large enterprises but also for the small and medium enterprises. Virtualization allows you to:
  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a computer
  • Hardware consolidation to be higher than the yield from the server has a lower configuration
  • Save 50% on the total cost of ICT
  • Speed up and simplify it management, maintenance and deployment of new applications
Virtualization infrastructure is an urgent challenge for today: the expansion of infrastructure, forcing the IT Department spent more than 70% of their budget on maintaining and leave very little resources resources for the renovation of the existing business.
The difficulties stem from the computers running X 86 operating systems today: they are designed to run an operating system and applications at a time. And the result is that even a small data center must also deploy multiple servers, while each air only works in varying from 5% to 15% capacity-not effective for any standard.
Virtualization software solves this problem by allowing multiple operating systems and applications running on a single physical server or "host" (the master, computer). Each "virtual machines" closed loop is isolated from the other machine, and use the many resources that it requested from the server.

The benefits of Server virtualization (Server Virtualization)
  • Use up to 80% of the capacity of the server
  • Reduce hardware requirements at the rate of 10:01 or more
  • The cost of capital and the operation was cut in half, saving more than $1.500 annual per-server virtualization
  • Flexibility, high availability with affordable price
Network services virtualization
The network is determined by software, virtualization principles to be applied to network resources, they are taken out and automatic way to overcome the constraints of rigid physical architecture. Network service designed for each application and adapted to changing requirements. Virtual network simplify backup, enhanced scalability, simplify management, and reduce operational costs.
Implementing security in a virtualized environment
Software that provides a security mechanism effectively by identifying the components taken from the physical equipment, General and applied it correctly when needed without upgrading hardware. Virtual workloads can be moved and expanded freedom that still meet the security mechanisms and the need for specialized equipment.
The integrated firewall (firewall) and the optimal service gateway helps protect the network from external attacks. VMware's open architecture allows the integration of existing systems of security and the latest innovations from the third service provider.
Virtualization works like?
The center of virtualization is "virtual machine" (VM), which contains the software runs independently of the operating system and the applications inside it. Because a virtual machine is completely separate and independent so many virtual machines can run simultaneously on a single computer. A thin software layer called the hyperisor separate the virtual machine from the server, and automatically allocate computational resources for each virtual machine as needed.
This architecture redefined to provide calculus equation:
Many applications on a server. Each VM can pack the entire computer, and many applications with the operating system can run on a server at the same time
Use the maximum server capacity with minimum server number. All of the physical computer is used to its full capacity, allows for significantly reduced costs by deploying fewer servers than the master.
Applications faster, easier with backup resources. Like a self-contained file, virtual machines can be manipulated such as copy or cut paste easily. This delivers unprecedented simplicity, speed and flexibility to deliver and manage IT. The virtual machine can even be transferred to a different physical server while running, through a process called direct conversion. You can also virtualize business-critical applications to improve the performance, reliability, scalability, and reduce costs.

Merge the servers
One or two server virtualization is only the beginning. Next is the synthesis of a cluster of servers into a consolidated resources and resources only. For example, instead of 20 servers running with 15% of the capacity of each machine, you can reduce the amount of hardware and related costs to 4 server for every active machine with capacity of 80%
Desktop virtualization
Our solution allows you to provide a secure virtual desktops as a managed service for remote offices and employees in the branches together. The virtual desktop solution of we increase flexibility, reduce business costs.
The best hosting
Our solution provides an automated solution, easily deployed for virtualization hosting combines drives your existing servers into a common system without having to purchase a costly SAN system complexity
The data center is defined by the software
Finally, you can achieve fast performance of cloud computing by virtualization, and automation of all the resources of the data center-hosting, network security and availability-mix everything together based on backup policy and Operations Manager automatically. The result is a data center is defined by software.
  • Capable of expanding as needed
  • The application can be provided upon request
  • Each application will be to ensure security and speed enforcement
  • From here the virtualization can help you transfer the resources and its budget from management, infrastructure maintenance to creating innovation for your company