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2018-11-07 16:18:32

Revival co Bitcoin strong signal was attributed to express a softer stance on the money market by the Korean government.

One of the most famous myths about money computing is the story of a man who used to buy pizza Bitcoin 10,000 in 2010, is back to save Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin pioneer development, Mr. Laszlo Hanyecz, officially back and want to test Lightning Network, a technology that works in parallel with technology blockchain (string blocks) of Bitcoin, in order to speed up the transaction.
Laszlo paid for 2 pizzas Bitcoin 0.00649, equivalent to 67 USD, and the transaction fee is only around 0.06 USD, an impressive figure in the context of Bitcoin is receiving much criticism for trading expensive and slow.
Men buy pizza with 10,000 virtual currency Bitcoin return to their former Image 1
Computing the amount of 10,000 Bitcoin that Hanyecz used to buy 2 pizzas $ 30 in 2010 to cost about $ 100 million.
When Hanyecz buys pizza with Bitcoin about 8 years ago, it was one of the first transaction payment in Bitcoin. He said transaction Bitcoin community has shown that this kind of money can really be used as a means of payment.
Bitcoin copper rose sharply thanks to positive signals from the Korean 

"Korea does not prohibit co Bitcoin", Arthur Hayes - CEO of exchanges BitMEX said. "The currency has almost doubled in the past few weeks and I think most of this recovery has come from the investors believe that Korea will not prohibit the money transactions ".
South Korea is one of the market's largest digital money world through investment boom to make a quick profit. However, like most countries in the world, this country does not recognize this is a currency and there are no regulations to protect investors. The investors of all components of society, particularly young people, rushed into this money the government had announced a review implementation of strong measures.

After the Tet holiday in Vietnam and some other Asian countries, Bitcoin virtual currency recorded a strong upward trend compared to the time before the holiday and nearly doubled from its trough earlier this month.
At 22h00 the day 21/2 (now Vietnam), and Bitcoin trading at 11,200 USD, up from the US $ 9,000 a week (14/2) and almost double the lows 5,922 USD on 6 / 2, according to data from page.
This recovery was attributed signaling the softer stance toward digital money markets of the South Korean government.
According to Yonhap news agency, in a meeting with representatives of the coin floor 20/2 days, Mr. Choe Heung-sik - leadership Financial Supervisory Agency of Korea said the government would "technical support money transactions Digital if they are done in a normal way. "
Bitcoin strong copper recovery after consecutive declines since late 2017.
Spokesman Mr. Choe was made about 3 weeks after the Korean government declared prohibited transactions through bank accounts anonymous.
The spokesman also opposed tough stance earlier that the South Korean government to consider closing exchanges money digital makes copper Bitcoin fallen sharply in recent weeks, at times lost more than 60% in value compared with nearly 20,000 USD highs set in mid-December last year.
South Korea has developed the trading system of digital money by his real name from 30/1 to avoid the coins were used for the purpose of money laundering and other illegal activities.
This is also the latest move by South Korea to prevent speculation digital money.
According to Mr. Choe, these measures in an effort to normalize digital money transactions of the Korean government.

According to BitInfoCharts, using money computing as a means of payment are many people doubt the practicality, while last year the transaction fee of Bitcoin has soared to 55 USD, making shopping days so unrealistic.
"I want to say that you can still buy pizza with Bitcoin" Hanyecz share. "But if you buy a pizza 50 USD and transaction fees of $ 100, it does not work. The idea came with both Lightning Network Bitcoin security of both tradable and instantaneous. You do not have to wait for confirmation blockchain technology, "he said.
Bitcoin transaction fees have risen sharply in the month 12/2017, at the same time as the price of the currency also skyrocketed. Lightning Network is expected to solve the above problems.
Lightning Network works when both sides started with each payment channel, capital contribution commitment to the channel. The two sides can conduct exchanges without having to transfer transaction information to blockchain of Bitcoin, avoid delays and increased prices. Once this channel is closed, only the final balances are recorded on the blockchain, not the entire transaction process of the channel.
Hanyecz buys two pizzas worth 30 USD on the date 05.22.2010 and paid in 10,000 Bitcoin. Calculated at the exchange rate Bitcoin 27/2 days, two pizzas that cost more than $ 100 million. The day that Hanyecz buys two pizzas is also community Bitcoin annual anniversary date Bitcoin pizza.