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2019-02-26 09:57:36

Nothing can stop the power of Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2019

2019 is probably an extremely good year when over the new year a few days, the price has increased momentum maintained Bitcoin stable. This time the Bitcoin is demonstrating the power of yourself through the actual numbers and promises to 2019 will be a year of makeup for the loss of too much from the year 2018.
Bitcoin beginning the new year extremely excellent
Just touches the lane 2019 a few days however Bitcoin (BTC) has had positive growth dynamics makes private Crypto excited. Noting the market today 3/1, crossed the psychological milestone of BTC price 3,800 USD $4,000 figure, perhaps not too far away. At the time of the price level at 9:30, up $3,915 Bitcoin 2.01% compared with the previous 24 hours.
Top 10 leading currencies the market increase, led by the Ethereum (ETH) 9.01% increase over $153.98, help it jumped to number 2 after a long time behind Ripple (XRP). XRP pushed down to third place with the price reaching USD 2.16 0.3708% compared with the previous 24 hours.
The total market value of digital records proceeds at 133.9 billion, up 5.54 billion compared with the previous 24 hours. 24-hour trading volume reached 16.9 billion dollars, an increase of 32.7% compared to 2/1 days.

What's notable in the event hard fork Ethereum coming?
Many feel surprised because the breakthrough of the Ethereum (ETH) in recent times to help it regain the No. 2 on the money market, and the impetus for the strong price rise was the hard facts about to fork takes place in January the year 2019.
There are 3 things you need to know about this event, specifically:
Classic Vision Hard Fork (ETCV): on 11.01.2019, who all hold ETH will be getting ETCV proportional 1:3
Ethereum Nowa Fork (ETN): on 12.01.2019 with owner ETH will get 1:1 ratio with ETN
Constantinople Hard Fork: on 16.01.2019 or sooner. Constantinople Mainnet's scheduled in blocks Ethereum 7,080,000 stuff. This is important for the process of releasing the hard transition from Proof Protocol of Work to Proof of a Stake.
Note: the Ethereum Classic Vision and the Ethereum Nowa is a fork due to a small Division within the Ethereum community conduct, unrelated to the project root of the Ethereum Buterin Vitalik. Only Constantinople was a hard fork made by Ethereum team.
This fork was hard strikes many analysts believe this is a catalyst for long-term growth thanks to the reduced number of features the ETH issuer.
Joseph Lubin, Founder of the Ethereum ConsenSys company has just confirmed his company would be support for units on the network with the working speed is stable despite the rumors to cut personnel. This is a good news source help gradually restore investors confidence to ETH.
The 2018 year witnessed the rush ETH takes place with a strong record of 95% reduction levels while BTC 85.5% decrease. This recovery is inevitable despite the ICO support project has a rush ETH without a reason.
Crypto will recover in the year 2019?
Perhaps many people argue that electronic money markets just yet, recovery group signs to ensure the flourishing of Crypto in the year 2019. However, the momentum of price increases continued in the first days of the new year does not stop not true up hope for investors about the rise of electronic money this year.
Sonny Singh, Director of trade in services checkout BitPay Bitcoin told the Daily Express: "Bitcoin will pop up the level of 20,000 USD on occasion."
Some countries witnessing the explosion of digital money as Colombia, India, Peru, and Venezuela, according to statistics from Andreas Antonopoulos. This person also stressed that BTC and electronic money are great tools to help preserve capital during the monetary crisis.
The number of ATM-friendly Bitcoin increasingly, consumers can use other means to cash out and withdraw money from your electronic money.

7 the latest forecasts on the market cryptocurrency for the year 2019 of Weiss Ratings
#1: Bitcoin is increasingly being used as a place to store the value
#2: Bitcoin will increase back and towards the new all-time highs
#3: Altcoin will increase from a minimum of up to 20 times greater than the previous highest level
#4: Many cryptocurrencies will compete to build the kind of new Internet
#5: another group will break the traditional banking system
#6: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV will disappear
#7: The new coin will in top 10
2019 will be the year of Blockchain technology
According to an article recently published in the MIT Technology Review, owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 2/1 argues that in 2019 will be the year of the Blockchain technology.
In the article says that this technology will create a revolution to break the old financial system in 2017 and smashed the frustration in the year 2018 fraught by a significant decrease in most digital currencies.
-2019 Years some corporations will embark on the projects based on Blockchain.
-The Great Wall Street he will embark on electronic money business as owners of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the giant investment firm Fidelity.
-The provision of the infrastructure for electronic money to be the licensing authority is gradually becoming the trend
-Improvement in smart contracts helped it ease of use in many different contexts, help the increasingly electronic money is accepted more widely.
-Finally, Blockchain technology requires significant fixation from ideological have created electronic money, help combat the excessive control of the Government.
Everything seems still too fragile, but we already have a solid base for raising hopes on the rising of electronic money in the year 2019.