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Note when leasing VPS for Bitcoin

Additionally, when you view the VPS service price is very high-priced places, which also places with very low prices, the main reason is the managed VPS or unmanaged VPS.
  1. What is Managed VPS?
Managed VPS news is the kind of service provided to the customer VPS administrative service attached. Administrative services here include installation/consulting everything about VPS that customers need, as well as optimum performance and security for VPS.
Often the Managed VPS is priced quite high because the VPS management is not easy, suitable for those who do not have many VPS management skills but need to use VPS.
There are also a number of vendors they do not calculate the VPS management reviews show up outside but will have the option of managing VPS services when conducting.
Some providers of Managed VPS:
  • Knownhost
  • Liquidweb
  • MediaTemplate
  • A2Hosting Managed VPS
  • InmotionHosting
  1. Unmanaged VPS?
Unmanaged VPS VPS service type that is not including the VPS management for customers, they just make sure your VPS isn't downtime or other causes is derived from the primary server.
With this service, all work such as installing the web server, the configuration, install the software, security, ... must be due to you. And you also are solely responsible for the set.
Unmanaged VPS will cost pretty cheap, cheap at twice the Managed VPS services but you should only use if as had knowledge about the VPS or at least knows about it. If you follow the academic series used the basic VPS then you should use the Unmanaged VPS for free to do what you like.
Some Unmanaged VPS providers:
  • DigitalOcean (cloud VPS)
  • Linode(cloud VPS)
  • A2 Hosting Unmanaged VPS
  1. Preparing to buy a VPS
Also like buying when you buy a VPS host, you need to prepare in advance some things as follows:
  • Visa card or PayPal
  • A scan 2 sides of the ID card and a scan 2 sides of the card that you use to payments. In case they need more photographs of bill payments just shooting a paper record that has your address record with the Red rustic is oke, but this is rare.
  1. Where we can buy good VPS?
You can buy any of the VPS would where to follow this series because using VPS are the same. If you want to buy according to your proposal, I would like to introduce some VPS provider good that international prices are also affordable.
See the full list of these good VPS provider.
The vendors themselves say in the below are all Unmanaged VPS because if you use the VPS to study this series then please buy 1 Unmanaged VPS for it's cheap and you can also order Italy to reinstall the operating system.
  • Lowest price: 170,000d/month
  • The number of datacenter: 2 (Vietnam)
  • Manually reinstall operating system: have
  • Refund: have
AZDIGI is a company of Jelly in Vietnam to offer Full SSD cheap VPS which still guarantee good quality, high speed. With only 175,000/month that you had just a VPS 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU package for both OpenVZ and KVM.
However hard at AZDIGI slightly lower due to use of complete hard drive is setup with SSD RAID-10 should be limited to avoid wasting quotas again and to make sure the budget cost for the user. Customers can buy more hard drive capacity if needed.
Within 10 days, you can request a refund if not satisfied with the service.

  • Lowest price: $5/month.
  • The number of datacenter: 6 (4 u.s., 1 English, 1 Japanese).
  • Manually reinstall operating system: Yes
  • Refund: Not
Linode is pretty consistent choice for the beginner to use VPS as easy to sign up and have pretty good quality, have server in Japan so you can select it to use in order to have good speed access in Vietnam. Compared to the famous DigitalOcean, Linode has equivalent but VPS at Linode would have higher CPU number in the package. In addition, Linode also comes as services Load Balancing so you can easily deploy the system load flow easily without much Setup.
DigitalOcean (Unmanaged-Cloud VPS)
  • Lowest price: $5/month
  • The number of datacenter: 5 (2 US, one in Singapore, one Dutch, one British)
  • Managed Service: No
  • Manually reinstall operating system: Yes
  • Refund: No

Cloud Hosting is just a computer networking technology, and nature is still the VPS VPS so you don't need to wonder about the notes Cloud VPS. Cloud VPS at DigitalOcean has also quite cheap, only $5/month for 512 MB RAM package and support the server Singapore.
Furthermore, another advantage of Cloud VPS services are freelance you create how many VPS as you like, just the money available in your account and it will proceed unless each day. When not in use anymore, then Destroy it goes is you don't spend money. Form of payment is the load credits to your account.
However, there is a downside at DigitalOcean you need to know is they are very or maintenance of the server system so sometimes your VPS will not be.
VPS.NET (Unmanaged-Cloud VPS)
  • Lowest price: $15/month
  • The number of datacenter: 18 (all continents)
  • Managed Service: Yes
  • Manually reinstall operating system: Yes
  • KVM: Yes
Refund: Yes, within 30 days, apply only to the VPS. 10 days with the Dedicated Server.
 This is a Cloud VPS are many experts recommend using WordPress as Yoast, W3 Edge, StudioPress, ... the highlight of VPS.NET is the number of datacenter a lot so you can choose a datacenter near you with yourself to improve access speed, in addition they also auto backup VPS free with frequency 1 time/day.

The above is what new ones need to understand before proceeding rent VPS, the necessary information can be more than this, but for now I see with what I told above alone is possible understand the nature of how VPS is already.