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Find out domain name, web hosting. The relationship between them for Bitcoin

In the process of designing the website, the domain name (Domain Name) and Web Hosting are two indispensable objects.
I. domain name (Domain name)? The relationship between domain names and trademarks. Domain name: is the name used to identify the Internet address of the server that contains the sequence of characters separated by dots (.)
Brands:  according to the definition of intellectual property Organization WIPO World: is a special sign to identify a product or service goods that are produced or provided by a person or Brands according.
As such, domain names and trademarks are the two concepts completely independent of each other. But in fact, the brand protection business in the real society, while the domain name brand protection in the virtual society on the internet. So, register domain name is the brand essence is also protecting the business of each subject.

II. The structure of the domain name:
1/ The domain name to the highest level (Top level Domain-TLD) including:
Country code domain ccTLD: country code of the participating countries the Internet is regulated by the two-letter ISO-3166 as Vietnam's VN, UK is the UK etc and the public sector (World Wide Generic Domains).
Shared top-level domain (gTLD):
  • COM: Commercial
  • EDU: Education
  • NET: Network
  • INT: International Organisations
  • ORG: Other Organizations
  • BIZ: Business
  • INFO: Information
  • PRO: Professional
  • The domain name is only used in the United States:
  • MIL: Military
  • GOV: Government
2/ Two-level domain (Second Level) and the lower levels: 
For the nation in General two level domain network management by the Organization of that country the definition, can define a different, more or less, but usually, the nation still defined economic sectors his society, similar to the shared fields mentioned above.
For example in Vietnam VNNIC, the definition of the second-level domain:.,,
III. What is Web Hosting?
When the website design should have a space archive site content or data in any space. Web hosting is where space on the server has installed a number of Internet services such as FTP, mail services. In addition you must Web Hosting because the computer has a fixed IP address each time it connects to the left, as if you access the internet as normal through the ISP (Internet Service Provider-Internet service provider), then the IP address on the machine you are always being changed, so the data on your machine is not accessible from other machines on the Internet.