Differences between Virtual Private Server and Cloud Server

To understand and choose the right services fit your needs to achieve optimum efficiency, customers need to distinguish the differences between the technology products and services.
Today not only is cloud computing applications to online storage but also are widely used in the management of information technology infrastructure businesses. To understand and choose the right services fit your needs to achieve optimum efficiency, customers need to distinguish the differences between the technology products and services.
VPS (Virtual Private Server): virtual server is functioning as a resource sharing from a physical server. Virtual servers are formed through the method of partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, CPU, memory, hard drive store ... with full of features to manage and use separate configuration.
Cloud Server: virtual server is deployed on cloud computing platform, operating on many different physical server connections. Characteristics of Cloud Server help you can have quick access to an unlimited supply, for the traditional storage environment, then these resources are often limited to a physical server. The cost of Cloud Server is determined by the number of node selection of resources, including CPU, RAM, storage space and monthly bandwidth.

The advantage of Cloud Server:
High stability:
Giant cloud platform with large resources of Viettel IDC Cloud Server resources to ensure stable, always ready, and don't clog status occurs.
High speed:
The speed of the Cloud Server is guaranteed thanks to the broadband line. At present, Cloud Server also provides dedicated bandwidth packages attached, bandwidth use. Users pay according to the amount of bandwidth used, not to share with anyone. Thus, the speed of the Cloud Server also increased significantly, including in the case of multiple users at the same time.
The advantage of Cloud Server:
Easy upgrade:
A number of great resources are created by a series of server parents should always Cloud system redundancy resources, ensure the upgrade not only easy but also quickly. Whenever there are requirements to upgrade the RAM, CPU, hard drive or the IOPS technical staff of Viettel IDC can respond immediately with just a few simple operations.

The ability to control, prevention of incidents: 
More and more large attacks occur forcing the providers as possible to enhance prevention of trouble for his system, ensure the safety for the user. And one of the measures that are most applicable is the bosses of the maximum scale system with large resource amount makes the hackers difficult to demolish solid system like that. In addition, Viettel IDC provides additional services firewall (WAF), help to protect better the user's system.

Easy management:
This is also a good point made Cloud Server become attractive. Common ground, the management server level of administrators in Vietnam still low, therefore simplifying the Administration server are necessary. The fact is that with 1 account Cloud Server is granted, the user may not need to know more about virtual server still can use it easily with the support of the server technicians. That most service providers are doing good work in support of our customers. Viettel IDC offers intuitive administrative tools, simple and technical team members are always ready to 24/24 to support users.
Virtual Server Cloud Server infrastructure with IDC of Viettel 5 TTDL Tier 3 standards across the country, our team of experienced technicians, simple management tools will always be a good choice for you.
Cloud server
  • Data archives focusing on systems of Parallels Cloud Storage (PCS) evenly distributed I/O on the Server not saved on a physical Server
  • Data backup and recovery available
  • If there is 1 physical Server fails, Cloud Server is still stable operation thanks to data synchronization mechanism
VPS server
  • VPS is initialized and run on 1 physical server
  • At the peak time of physical servers can hang led to the VPS may suspend operation
Cloud server
  • The ability to expand is immediately upon demand
  • Downgrade Server when feeling no need to use so many resources
  • The ability to use resources flexibly to help save costs
VPS server
  • The resources are virtualized and provided for VPS users
  • Cannot upgrade because the physical server resources will not be enough resources to provide

Cloud server
  • You just pay for what you use (Cpu, Ram, storage, etc.)
  • You can upgrade/downgrade resources help you save costs
VPS server
  • You must pay the amount according to your VPS configuration purchased
  • General use physical Server makes your VPS depends
Disadvantages of  Virtual Private Server
  • VPS's activities affected by the activity and stability of physical servers create VPS.
  • General use physical server makes your VPS were dependent.
  • Time-consuming and costs to upgrade the resource and also can not expand much.
  • Operating and yield activities of VPS does not achieve the effect as desired.
As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages to the virtual archive, when looking to choose between different hosting providers you have to find ways to optimize the cost advantage in sharing a server is provided by the virtual platform with some of the downsides that come with such a solution. But all should be taken into consideration according to the objectives, budget, modus operandi and the target audience.
Virtual Server VPS today is widely used by the functions of it. However, if the business would like to use the services more perfect server, then you should register for cloud server rental.
Currently, on the market there are many virtual server rental service, ensure stable transmission speed, minimize downtime incident but still extremely cheap price.