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2018-01-01 17:29:13

Bitcoin stirs in 2017

Virtual money price increases 20 times in the year, constantly created new peak each day, but can also take a few thousand USD per hour.
Bitcoin is secretly created on the Internet since 2009, in the context of the global economic crisis, but it only really exploded this year. From only $1,000 originated on 1/1, a fellow money had digital at up to more than $20,000. Many people have become millionaires and even billionaires this year, thanks to own the Bitcoin.
If looked at from the outside, the momentum of increasing Africa's code reviews this last half year in the virtual money seems very hard to believe and the lack of facilities. Despite this, many analysts believe that the overall increase was fueled from quite long ago.
In 2016, the Bitcoin doubled. Trading volume also builds all of last year, mainly from the English after the vote to leave the European Union (EU).

This led the world to analyze fairly strong for the year 2017. In the survey of the CoinDesk-website tracking the price Bitcoin from 4 major world trading, analysts are forecasting prices to double or triple, up 2,000-3,000 "USD", "closing the year in 2,000 USD" or "towards 1,400 USD last year". The most generous forecasts as Bobby Lee-CEO BTCC, with "the increase many times", compared with the peak of US $1,150 month 12/2013.
However, all are far less than the true-20 times-money this year. It is difficult to identify certain factors causing increased African Bitcoin code. However, many analysts argue that the events of the early years may have created the momentum for this.
Bitcoin getting Donald Trump after he kicks the surprise election of America. He proposed taxing the money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico has made the need to use virtual money skyrocketed.
While the Mexican peso lost up to 20% of the period, 11/2016-, 2/2017, trading volume on the floor of this country Bitso Bitcoin nearly 16,800 salmon March copper up 4 fold. This time, the only slight nudge, CoinDesk on the Bitcoin up around 1,200 USD.
In April, Bitcoin received a new kick, when Japan accepted virtual money is the instrument. That same month, Russia said it could recognize the other virtual money in Bitcoin and 2018, to combat money laundering. The news helped the prices gradually go up Bitcoin.
In the summer, investors started the excitement with virtual money. Though about the previous analysis just got last year to $1,500 pricing, Bitcoin actually hitting 3,000 USD June salmon. On CNBC, Ronnie Moas-founder of Standpoint Research when he identified Bitcoin can soon up 5,000 USD. "It is worse than the loss of money on virtual money, which is not doing anything," Moass said.
Despite this, Bitcoin has had a summer filled, when the developers prepare for the future of virtual money. While the credit card system can handle about 56,000 transactions per second, the system of Bitcoin can only do 7. The increased scale is the main problem of the Bitcoin during this time.

This creates inconsistencies in the community Bitcoin. A small group, mainly consisting of the Bitcoin miner in China dissatisfied with the proposed improvements to the existing technology of the Bitcoin. They had already started the process of "fork"-separated pairs. Accordingly, blockchain (block string)-ledger that records all transactions Bitcoin-will be split into two.
In early August, Bitcoin Cash's birth, with the folded block size is 8 times the Bitcoin. This means the number of data to be processed at a time will more, thereby accelerating the pace of transactions. Before that, the miner and the software developer has agreed to make an upgrade called Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 91, intended to increase performance using a block of Bitcoin. In addition to this separation of batches, Bitcoin is also many other dichotomies, but less famous than, create Bitcoin Gold, Diamond, Bitcoin United Bitcoin and Lightning Bitcoin.
Was there the strong price fluctuations in virtual money, the appearance of the Bitcoin Cash makes Bitcoin has lost to at 2,000 USD in just 4 days in early November. However, the confidence of investors in the future of the financial industry caused the Bitcoin virtual money back to orbit increases.
2 months later, Bitcoin hitting 5,000 USD. The media started reporting about this increase massively. The big names in the financial world began talking about it as a serious proposal, and the market has discussed the launch of futures contracts Bitcoin. The derivative product launches for digital money will be an important step in the recognition of Bitcoin as a property type.
From the second half of November, prices increased sharply beginning Bitcoin, partly thanks to the interest of the investors to climb in Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Consecutive price beyond 9,000 USD, $10,000, $11,000 and $12,000 in just over a week.
Coinbase-trading floor the largest u.s. Bitcoin has added 100,000 accounts in 2 days before Black Friday. Thanks to Thanksgiving, the total number of accounts on Coinbase was up to 13.1 million last November.
Three days before CBOE-one of the world's largest trading floor launches futures contract for virtual money, Bitcoin has increased the record session. Prices up near 20,000 USD from $16,000 after just 90 minutes on the Coinbase.
However, this trading halted operations soon after because of the overload of traffic. Trezor-a service for Electronics also posted on Twitter that their servers are having "a small problem". Also Bitfinex-trading the world's largest Bitcoin said denial of service attack from a couple of days now. This incident caused the immediate loss of Bitcoin cost several thousand dollars.
10/12 date, CBOE officially put up future contract flooring Bitcoin. Price January delivery immediately leaps Bitcoin 26% in the first session. A week later, Bitcoin up world's largest future floor-CME.
These moves as strong price increase Bitcoin help. Since this is the first time that a Government regulating floor green light for a stock transaction involving Bitcoin.
Bitcoin rising prices has turned many people into millionaires or even billionaires. Data from Google Trends shows weekly search "what is Bitcoin" started to skyrocket from late November. Many people begin to treat this as a channel to make money fast and rushed to open a trading account, making the large floor constantly having trouble because the system was overloaded. More and more companies in the world to accept payments with virtual money, from buying coffee, pizza to buy the home, pay.

However, news of the Bitcoin is not always positive. Series of break-ins, stealing Bitcoin took place worldwide. Youbit floors (South Korea) have to apply for bankruptcy weeks ago lost 17% of assets. The airline distributes copyright online gaming world's largest Steam earlier this month a surprise statement does not support payment by due to strong fluctuations Bitcoin, and transaction costs are too high. A report on the huge power consumption of the Bitcoin also made observations of the world concerned.
Last week was the most turbulent week with Bitcoin General and digital money. Shortly after peaking, the continuous steep plunge had Bitcoin times take up to thousands of DOLLARS per hour.
On 22/12, the world's most popular virtual money down to 10,400 USD on Coinbase, 44% lower than the peak reached a week earlier. Nearly all the other virtual money devaluation also tens of percent, when investors are supposedly selling pegs the word last year.
2017 is a year I can't believe in virtual money. However, when the currency was Bitcoin has a surprise, nobody knows what will happen in the coming year.