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2019-02-26 09:54:50

Bitcoin is stronger than ever, while the altcoin is not

The altcoin will not return, Bitcoin will dominate
CoinTelegraph recently had talks with Tone Vays to talk about what has happened with the electronic money in 2018, and what he expected to happen by the year 2019. Interestingly, in contrast to the discount mentality which he launched in recent months, analysts claimed that the ORGANIZER could perform well in the year 2019.

Vays, when asked about the event is the most important in the year 2018 of electronic money, was referring to a decrease in the price of your Bitcoin and more importantly the recession drag as in the majority of the assets of electronic money (altcoin) He explained that the bear market in 2018 has significant difference compared to what happened in 2014 or 2015.
He noted that this time around, bubble altcoin will not return, and added that he did not forecast that the assets of money alternative electronic will undergo rehabilitation. Vays alluded to the fact that the industry has shown the altcoin will not return, as evidenced by the failure of the Bitcoin Cash and other small events highlight the correlation of this money.
Recently, increasingly Vays shows the fight against altcoin. He claimed the Ethereum (ETH) can be reduced to 0.2 USD, only by the initial price set by ICO.
Jimmy Song, an educator, columnist, and leading Bitcoin developer has echoed the views of many Vays, explains that crazy project (altcoin), is dying, and will eventually be removed from the ecosystem. Song, explain why the appearance of the industry is significant, noted that there were a lot of bad investments in this space, and the removal of those worthless projects like that would be a good thing for the market of electronic money.
Back on his support for electronic money, the Song explains that landmark anniversary of the Bitcoin has shown that it can be trusted with a new project in two or three years, maybe he is figuratively about the Ethereum.
Bitcoin has had the great year of 2018
In the eyes of many consumers, especially those who have no interest in the industry of electronic money, Bitcoin (BTC) has had a terrible year. Since setting all-time highs of US $20.000, leading digital assets have dropped to the low level led many people stunned. In fact, in a few weeks back here, BTC was reduced to 84.5% in comparison with the level Summit of 20.000 USD.

However, many people, including Armin Van Bitcoin and other famous personalities in the fields of electronic money, has argued that, really, was there a Bitcoin successful year, performing well than before. Jameson Lopp, Technology Director at Casa and a top Bitcoiner, has posted another article on Medium about the issue, general data about the basic performance of electronic currencies. What here is the important data, along with analysis and related stories.
- BTC was declared dead, 90 times in 2018: synthesized by 99Bitcoins, BTC was declared dead more than 90 times. This number, it's interesting, dropped from the highest level of all time 125 "obituary" by the year 2017 but still, a strong increase compared to the figure of 28 "obituary" was recorded in the year 2016. An obituary of note have been released by Erik Finman, teenage millionaire Bitcoin world first, told MarketWatch that I believe that BTC will die out after one or two times increase the price again.
- Subreddit/r bitcoin grew 61% throughout the year 2018: subreddit/r community bitcoin has increased throughout the years 2018 380.000-this number increased to 61% for the year 2018. And while this number decreased in comparison with the level of growth of the year 2017 is about 200%, 61% is still impressive growth, especially considering the fact that the ORGANIZER has fallen 70 percent in the same period of time. The Forum has reached over a million subscribers in early December.
- Market share of BTC in comparison with the entire market is currently at the rate of 52%, after dropping 32.5% throughout the year 2018, the market dominance of the BTC was back on the level of 50% of the growth of the spirit of the altcoin in the year 2017.
- The acceptance for SegWit increased from 10% to 40% SegWit, is considered a short-term expansion with reducing the size of the transaction, have seen a large implementation in 2018. At present, 40% of all transactions using this Protocol Bitcoin, rising from 10% when starting in 2017.
- Lightning network capacity goes from 0 up to 500 BTC: throughout the year 2018, Lightning Network has gone into operation. Since then, the French Open has increased to keep 500 BTC at maximum power. At the time made posts, CafeBitcoin noted the figure was up to 510 BTC.
Hashrate doubled during the year 2018: Despite rumors of the Bitcoin is ready to fall into a spiral of death, hash rate of the network has doubled throughout the year 2018, from 19 to 38 exhaust per second. Now it will take 270 days to an attacker with 100% current hash rate to rewrite the entire blockchain.
- 410 billion dollars were traded by the ORGANIZERS during the years 2018: the BTC worth more than 410 billion were traded on the network during the past year. This number is an average of up to approximately 13.000 USD per second.
- Transaction volume decreased, but some bitcoin countries witnessed a boom: Although overall trading volume fell, in countries such as Colombia, India, Peru, and Venezuela, the mass drew a parabola on the LocalBitcoins. This statistics has recently been Andreas Antonopoulos points out, people have claimed that the electronics and the ORGANIZER is a great way to protect your capital in the monetary crisis, like with Bolivar of Venezuela.
- The number of ATM Bitcoin doubled: the amount of a cash machine automatic Bitcoin (BATM) have doubled in the year 2018 up 4.000 air, gives consumers a means to Exchange cash and electronics. The 2018 year with 100% growth in the number of BATM, "continued the trend of 3 years 100% growth in comparison with previous years" by the Lopp. And in a recent poll on Twitter revealed that less than 20% of people have used forms of electronic money in infrastructure, many have hailed as a way to catalyze BATM for global adoption.