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2018-11-07 16:12:14

Bitcoin drops below 7,000 USD per unit of BTC

With the value of Bitcoin drops below 7,000 USD per unit of BTC, which is lower than 64% over the period of development the hottest of this coin, many people have wondered if this might be an end to pre-code general merchandise or Bitcoin in particular also has a chance to return to the heyday of yourself?

Precoding community on Twitter and Reddit recent buzz about the damage occurred. Thousands of dollars of investment has evaporated within a few days. Hundreds of billions of dollars blink disappear from the market.
Despite the concerns of many players, experts in the money market have their own views. Most of them have long-term perspective when talking about the resilience of Bitcoin.
Retaining Bitcoin instead sell off requires a lot of patience and determination of the players. Despite history not too long of Bitcoin, many of the group retaining only the events swayed heavily to money number one in the market, thus affirming the Bitcoin sublimation back is what seems sure.

Bitcoin has fallen more than 64% compared with the hottest stage of development. Photo: Coinmarketcap.

Anthony Pompliano is such a person. The former Facebook employee has put all 25 million raised on Full Tilt Capital, startups modeled precoding fundraising in North Carolina.
Pompliano said his company currently in phase focused investments in infrastructure and technology. He said that the fluctuations in this period are only part of the development cycle of Bitcoin and confidently predicted Bitcoin will reach 50,000 USD in 2018.

According to Pompliano, partly the cause of the recent volatility derived from the Dow fell 1,700 points Jones in just two days. According to him, Bitcoins are traded globally and are easily affected when information a company or country that decided to support or prohibit it. This means that the growth cycle or reduction takes place much faster in the world of pre-coding.
Director array of exchanges turnover Uphold, Robin O'Connell proved less optimistic, but still identified as market Bitcoin digital currency will not easily wither.
"I do not know about this (the Bitcoin fell) will place four hours, one day or for how long. But if you ask most investors, the special aspect of Bitcoin is, they will answer that when something almost killed it, Bitcoin will not die but back even more powerful, "he said.
Some critics believe that this currency Bitcoin absolutely no apparent value. Rejected this view, O'Connell believes the problems that Bitcoin can solve, such as transferring money on an international scope, or contracts based on technology blockchain, has proved its worth.
"A special feature of the time factor makes it difficult for small investors. That's why I always recommend their loved ones when deciding to buy a currency of that, keep it and forget it. Do not try to buy resale in a short time, with asset classes such as crypto instability if you have no experience, "he said.
"Confidence in the market does not come from how many people believe that money number will continue to increase rates any rate, that is the technology developed to solve the existing problems in society, "O'Connell said.
However, many other experts expressed concern about the limitations of Bitcoin. "Money coding is the perfect means for fraudsters", Kevin Wearbach - Professor at the University of Pennsylvania - share.
Recently, the exchange is worth $ 3 billion BitConnect closure notice or in January, a major trading platform is Big Coin was also forced to stop operations.
Authorities in some countries expressed concern about developments outside the control of this new technology. Some countries have banned decision giving money encoded into ordinary transactions to prevent these risks.
Startup money disappear encryption, websites displaying obscene 
Petroleum hopes to raise $ 6.5 million in virtual money Ethereum but suddenly disappeared when only mobilized 11 USD.
Business Insider interview, three of Prodeum blockchain experts say they are victims of identity theft.
Petroleum is a startup developing technology systems using blockchain for agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. This Startup surprise when investors sold stocks with technical token risky capital raising day 28/1.
Results, Prodeum disappeared from the web, the home page displays the startup only single word "penis" obscene.
Home Prodeum displayed in a single word "penis", comfortable hacked and taken down.
Ultimately, Prodeum mobilizes only a mere 11 USD from investors after the ICO. Accidents happen with Prodeum reflects the chaos and risky world of virtual currency, as well as the risk, can not predict when more virtual money to continue the investment channels.
Three experts of Prodeum blockchain stolen identity element is Darius Rugevicius, Vytautas Kaseta, and Mario Pazos. Other than the status of founder false name, the identity of the three is true.
Image of three specialists posted to the original website with links to your LinkedIn account. Darius Rugevicius, Vytautas Kaseta, and Mario Pazos worried the incident will affect their reputation.
All marks by Prodeum are wiped from the Internet, the homepage now pointing to an anonymous Twitter account.
New Petroleum mobilizes $ 11 through the original plan was laid out $ 6.5 million. The objective of the project is to bring technology blockchain on cultivation and distribution of vegetables. In fact, IBM and large companies such as Walmart have had similar projects.