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2019-02-26 09:48:49

Bitcoin "died" 90 times in 2018, 336 times from birth

The rumors are dead Bitcoin horrific puff. In the market price decreases, the number of "obituaries" that monumental communities for Bitcoin on the increase.
According to 99 Bitcoins, market-leading encoding was dead. 90 times in the year 2018. This is still a modest figure compared to 125 times of the year 2017. So, according to the statistics from this page, Bitcoin has died at least 336 times from it was "born".
Despite the detractors and inclusions, curiosity about the Bitcoin on the internet still. Even when prices drop, the number of weekly search Bitcoin on Google have soared to record highs.
Search keyword Bitcoin on Google soared
As noted from CCN, the keyword search "Bitcoin" on Google has recently crossed both searches related to President Donald Trump. Surprisingly when everyone said that Trump was the center of most of the news on any given day.
With this metric, can affirm Bitcoin and industry money coded went into the subconscious crowd.
Bitcoin search volume (green), crypto (red) and Blockchain (yellow) in 3 months.
Ripple (XRP)-coins have the second capitalization increased by 2.11% to reach $0.388 transactions compared to 24 hours ago.
Ethereum (ETH)-coins have the third market capitalization rose 2.42 percent to reach US $135.13 transactions compared to 24 hours ago.
The total market value of money in the past 24 hours evaporated to 16 billion dollars currently, 132.1 billion. 24-hour trading volume has the slump noted in the level of 19.5 billion dollars, 6.3 billion reductions from 25.8 billion dollars of Christmas day.
Yesterday the market Crypto witnessed the reversing time made coin series covering the Red hues, many believe that idly slump stemming from the trading floor of the Intercontinental Exchange Bakkt been postponed a second time, but yet have information authentication issues.
A year ago, and the market is cryptocurrency the Bitcoin theme on the sidelines, mainly cause curiosity for readers in the array of financial news. At present, enterprises updated price fluctuations Bitcoin and blockchain industry.
This makes the written recall some memorable recent claims that "Bitcoin is dead".
The obituary of the Bitcoin in the past
Atulya Sarin, Professor of finance at Santa Clara University, asserts that Bitcoin will never replace gold as a store of value, property, so the community should abandon Bitcoiner-Bitcoin coins.
It seems the Bitcoin is currently into the vortex of death and will quickly to zero.
Peter Mallouk, President of Creative Planning, an investment firm in Kansas share "I see as a living corpse Bitcoin".
The reductions could be the start of a spiral of death inevitable.
Mallouk said future generations will learn about Bitcoin through material finance as a cautionary tale about the dangers of people beyond illusions "little flour still should erase the Lake".
The environmentalist-who claimed cryptocurrency mining operation is a present threat for mankind-celebrating when market prices drop, given that it is a sure sign that Bitcoin will no longer exist.
Millionaire crypto Finman, Erik said that teen "Bitcoin is dead" because there are so many contradictions that exist in the ecosystem. Finman predicted, "there may be a growth market or vice versa, but in the long run, it's dead."
Electronic money entrepreneur Calvin Ayre-supporters of the Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (SV)-predictions that the price will drop to 0 Bitcoin in 2019 because it has no value. It has no utility. It doesn't do anything.
Ironically, Ayre announced that Bitcoin is counterfeit, and the new true Bitcoin SV Bitcoin
Despite the noisy debate, Bitcoin survived and continue to succumb to the community. Moreover, even the most vocal critic, also spent more praise for blockchain, revolutionary technology as the basis for this cryptocurrency.
When the year of 2018 coming to an end, many in the industry remain optimistic and believe 2019 will be a year of unprecedented blockbuster, was driven by the increase of the flow of money from investors to the organization.
The 2018 year witnessed a series of assets fall into the dismal status
Electronic money is not the only assets recorded in the year 2018 global momentum that practically all major property types used for investments are recorded losses last year. This is CNBC's conclusion in the report summary of activities of the market in 2018.
The report clearly trading activity last year was a series of short transactions in stocks, corporate bonds, commodities, government debt and other asset types available on the world market. This took place only a few weeks after the founder of the Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano pointed out that the S & P 500 has lost just over 4 billion USD 755 trading hours.
The 2018 year witnessed the transaction volume and prices of electronic global money badly, take up 80% of the value of Bitcoin versus top, 12/2017. In one year, the electronic money market capitalization evaporated to the 700 billion-around the time the prolonged bear market without little optimism would come true.
The securities market is no longer sustainable than those in the US bank warning 1419. The bear market signals are activated and rested. Investors have accepted the longest rise in US history, from the last day of March 2009. Australia - CNN
According to market watches, the S and P 500 index has dropped to 2.417 and vibration 2.1% index Jones industry average decreased 16% to Dow 22.444. Nasdaq composite reduced by 3% to 6.333.
Ian - the high Ling price strategy in BMO said the United States will continue to decline in 2019.
Winklevoss: failed to imagine
The pioneering Bitcoiner as home Winklevoss twins (Tyler and Cameron), don't feel amazed at the market's current slump. Moreover, they are also a big bet on the long-term future of Bitcoin.
For the skeptics, do not see the potential of the Bitcoin and believe is Bitcoin has or will die, Tyler Winklevoss message advising that they would suffer a defeat punctuated by the imagination.