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Big Data and the revolution in business Bitcoin

"Nowaday, for every 48 hours has passed, the world created by information flow with the amount of information from early civilization to the era of the 21st century."
If this perception makes you feel curious, then most likely you want to the Big Data and the great revolution in business data.
Referring to Big Data is referred to a true revolution, by perhaps, never we imagine that a real estate trader can only list the destination a stranger are intended to sell off his apartment based on three factors, including work he has lived in the neighborhood for a long time , housing prices in the area are rising and most importantly his son about to move out in private. In the role of a customer, a product search on Amazon, for such as are interested in laptops, must also be accustomed to this site suggests related products such as laptop bags, pads or liners screen keyboard, ... And that's just two of plenty the turning that Big Data bring to our era.
Big Data or is the term used to describe a set of data that the magnitude and complexity that the tools data processing applications, the tradition does not ensure it.
The research group at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, (USA) have found to be the relationship between Big Data and results of business: financial situation improved when data analysis level increased. The figure shows the performance, profits or the value of the stock on the market is also proportional to the degree of use of the data.
Does the business have noticed such practical benefits and are into the trend of Big Data? Will big data happen to affect the management of the business? According to EMC, the world's leading companies providing technology solutions serving corporate governance, Big Data bring a series of benefits for the business:
  • Dialogue with customers
  • Reengineering the product
  • Risk analysis
  • Safe data storage
  • New revenue sources
  • Customize instant web page
  • Build innovative health system

Three outstanding characteristics and optimization of large data is Volume-volume, Velocity-high processing speed and Variety – variety of types. With 3V model by Gartner put out, said the concept of Big Data never just means merely on the size of the data and the fact that, recently, the fourth of the Big V Data being referred to is the Value-tremendous value implicit in the huge data, poses problems for effective data processing to exploit the potential of Big Data.
Every second, a large volume of data collected by the mobile device, the antenna, the equipment, radio, wireless sensor networks, short-range connection head (RFID) ... that means the business, organization, or normal the giant social networking site like Facebook, Twitter to the e-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, ... all can own the Big Data.
SAS group said, Twitter has 500 million new tweets line every day, Facebook had 1.15 billion members created a huge tangle of data including text, files, videos ... the same thing also takes place on the platform user-traffic giant of "Mr. big" Google or Youtube. Within 4 hours of the day "Black Friday" 2012, Walmart stores had to handle more than 10 million cash transaction, i.e. approximately 5,000 transactions per second. Try to imagine, with only a few names on here, the potential that Big Data can provide. While Google's search data may predictions about trends of the market and concerns of the client, the behavior of the Amazon users also help them develop systems that suggest the products related to personal choice, then so can the Facebook account information can help businesses behavior analysis organizations, consumers, improve your product or service. All the numbers and unlimited potential of Big Data shows the challenges posed to the enterprise, organized to catch this revolution.
What should we do with the big data?
A study was done by IBM with 1900 CEO survey worldwide shows the enterprise, active organization based on the analysis of whether the disparity in revenue to 33% is remarkable, and this explains the Big Data are increasingly being used for everything from commercial, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation to the security and public administration.
The success of applying modern technologies of data on business is the Tesla, the airline pioneered the production of electric cars.
Every car manufactured by Tesla are a sensor device capable of sending the information related to the technical issues, the operation of the vehicle manufacturers to return promptly if there are problems before incidents occur. In a Gartner Conference, CIO Jay Vijayan spoke about the reality of using Big Data of Tesla: "big data platform lets us know when the vehicle fails to timely action team."
By connecting with regular customers, continuously and directly, instead of through the media side, Tesla always gains accurate and timely data, allowing them to improve the user experience and to compete with the automobile maker gasoline which is very popular.
In Vietnam, Big Data is a new concept from 2012, so Big Data has not been popular studies and extensively in the business because of lack of human resources and the scale to exploit the advantage of the data source of this giant. In 2014-2016, in the field of Internet of FPT, VNG, VC Corp to participate in the research and application of Big Data in customer behavior analysis; about Bank, Vietcombank has plate; about the transportation industry including VietnamAirline.
Overall, Big Data is increasingly important role not only enterprises but also the national economy thanks to mechanisms to collect, analyze information quickly, accurately, help managers to take timely decisions, mitigate risk and optimize the product quality, room service. However, this is still a new field which enterprises, organizations need to be able to study the most effective application.