Basic knowledge about cloud computing - technology of the future

If heard the name then surely everyone thinks that this is a method of calculating something resembling clouds without even knowing what exactly is Cloud Computing. Therefore, this article would be via the introduction of cloud computing technologies are growing extremely powerful now.
This article will introduce you to read the concept of cloud computing and its applications.

So what is cloud computing?
From "cloud" in the cloud is in fact just a metaphor to describe the Internet. By definition, the cloud computing is the use of measures based on the connection to the Internet, where users share the same network of servers, software and data.
So can you imagine the application of what is cloud computing? If are using the web applications from companies such as Google or Microsoft, you are using Cloud Computing. Web applications such as Gmail, Google Calender, Hotmail, SaleForce, Dropbox and Google Docs are based on Cloud Computing because when connecting to these services, users gain access to the cluster of massive server groups on the Internet.

So why use cloud computing?
In the traditional way, the big companies, the big corporations often install all the applications or software on the server cluster. If a company will have a server system, 2 the company will be 2, and 1000 companies will own the corresponding server number. Therefore, to alleviate the costs arising from the massive server system of individual companies, cloud computing was born. And as said above, "the cloud" is used to refer to the Internet, a network of almost endless.

What does the cloud do for us?
At present, there have been many businesses post their applications over the Internet and be repurposed so many new features through a web browser. The most recent evidence is the appearance of the Chrome OS, an operating system with the interface and full applications right on your web browser. Sooner or later, you will be able to connect to any application with just getting through the web browser on the PC.

Then the cloud algorithm what's the difference?
Maybe you still can not understand what Cloud Computing is and we can simplify as the following. Each company usually runs applications on their own servers. The server is placed in the right location of the company. That requires a lot of effort in the maintenance, upkeep, money and time to keep things constantly being run, upgraded and guaranteed.
If businesses adopt the cloud, they will still use the same applications but they are set in the server cluster on the Internet. The only business connecting over the Internet without having to lose any bit of effort for upkeep, maintenance, upgrade, run the server. Moreover, businesses can give their customers use the application without having to lose the settings. Everything is very simple. Say briefly, Cloud Computing allows companies to sell more services than in a new package and more attractive.

If an employee, do you ever think that you are doing company will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office or Open Office? This trend is developing strongly since to do so, users (businesses) don't have to lose money to buy, not to lose the settings. But what if your company would like to provide services to others? You will be able to leverage the power of cloud computing by creating applications on the Internet with the resources from the "Mr. big" like the Google App Engine, Microsoft's Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 framework,…
Most of the above services are charged by based on a number of resources used. So your application only to suffer a charge by the right amount of CPU and bandwidth usage.

Model of "cloud computing" has a three-tier structure, consisting of:
  • The infrastructure services in the bottom
  • The service platform in the middle.
  • The application services on the top.
Look at this structure, one can assess the scale of blocks of information technology because it involves costs, physical space requirements, maintenance, management, monitoring and the level of technology.

The main risk: information security
Currently, as in Vietnam, the user is not yet aware of the level of security of important safety information. So the loss of safety information, information leaks, loss account .... still occur regularly.
Cloud computing  will definitely grab the web OS platform is the main service provider, offering services through the technology and the environment website. Due to the popular and familiar to use services on the website. So as for enhancing safety information for users of the Cloud computing  . Not to mention the problem of the virus are still commonly found on the internet will have the environment to operate. So it is not yet ready to become popular and come in daily life.

Featured characteristics
Using computational resources dynamically (Dynamic computing resources): The resources allocated to the unit, company subscription service what they want quickly. Instead of the companies, it must calculate whether to extend or not, must invest the cloud with they need only ask "we need additional resources equivalent to 3.0 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, video card 4 g ..." and the cloud will seek resources to provide for you.

Reduce costs: enterprises will have the ability to cut costs to purchase, sale, installation and maintenance resources. Apparently instead of having to send a specialist to go buy a server, the server settings, server maintenance then you don't need to do anything besides identifying themselves need anything and sent the request to the service provider. And the sale, installation, maintenance of resources will by the supplier.

Increased ability to use computational resources: one of the questions the headaches of the investment resources (e.g. servers) is the wear and tear on resources, like an investment with interest or not, outdated technology or not. When using the resources on the cloud, you don't have to care about this anymore.
Reduce complexity in the structure: production of goods that must have both an IT professionals to operate, the server maintenance is too expensive and cause trouble in the organizational structure.
This is the reason for the cloud is an inevitable trend for the computing industry.
This leads to the service provider, who designed to enhance network safety management as well as common for people who use the services the basics of safety information.