Application of cloud computing technology in the world

Can interpret the term in a simple way: the giant computing resources (software, services, ...) will be placed in the virtual server (cloud) on the Internet instead of in the Office computer, family ... (under ground) for people to connect and use any time, anywhere and from any device.
Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution for delivering information technology as a service. It is an Internet-based computing solution, in which provide resources share the same as the current is distributed on the grid. The flexibility of cloud computing is a function to distribute resources according to requirements, this created favorable conditions for the use of the accumulated resources of the system. The day before, the site and server-based applications have been executed on a particular system. With the advent of cloud computing, the resources to be used as a pooled virtual computer. The best configuration provides an environment in which these applications execute independently without regard to any particular configuration.

This technology is considered the solution to the problem that many companies are having as inept the IT infrastructure investment costs, limited ... Currently, many companies waste resources are not exploited at full capacity of server systems, investing too much in terms of people. Meanwhile, in theory, the cloud (cloud computing) will allow the enterprises do not need to focus so much for infrastructure or application upgrade, do not require large resources and can easily change the scale when needed.

Even though cloud computing is now widely used in many developed countries in the world by the substantial benefits that it brings, but in , the enterprises is still not really salty that with this technology. But according to experts, this is the optimal solution to the country's businesses to minimize costs as well as increase the working performance in maximum level.
Not outside the general trend of the world information technology industry,  is gradually approaching cloud services through the project by some foreign businesses like Microsoft, Intel ... This technology is considered the solution to the problem that many companies are having such as lack of information technology capacity, limited investment costs. Most of the leaders in information technology are all quite expected when of this technology.

The nature of cloud computing is the convergence of the achievements of the research and development of new technologies; the views about the current its applications in the world as well as . The cloud is also one of the most ambiguous concepts so far we encounter. Many leaders in the field of information technologies affirm cloud computing is the goal that the world as well as the information technology industry in the country and towards the main factors spurring the transition business for business.

Security firm Symantec also said that  businesses have special concerns to the cloud computing applications and opportunities that new technologies offer. Results from the survey showed that 39% of businesses in the country are currently using virtual software services private (VPS), while 21% are virtual servers and databases.
A recent report by the research group Gartner emphasized the development of cloud computing in the context of globalization. According to the survey, about 50% of businesses and organizations around the world are this modern technology applications with 17% growth per year. In 2011, the revenue services global cloud of up to 2.4 billion dollars. Gartner predicts this figure will rise nearly fourfold in the year 2012.

However, although the convergence for yourself the remarkable features, but cloud computing technology only solves part of the problem, should make sure that this technology is not for everybody and solve every demand. Although the benefits of cloud computing are undeniable, but enterprises need to consider different factors when considering what cloud computing applications.

The application of cloud computing technology in business as in life is an inevitable development step with the trend of the times. This is an expected wave of Tech Tuesday, will influence the habit, thinking the current technology applications. The difficult thing is how to enterprises, as well as individuals, accept the trend.
For the most part the current  businesses (mostly small and medium enterprises), the language barrier is the biggest obstacle in the process of seeking help for their technologies. Thus, providers of  will be a bridge for enterprises in the country with the world's technology trends. It requires a certain level of technology, understanding the habits,  business culture, and above all the training market is the ability associated with the technology. Providers of cloud computing technology in  do well all 3 things on the market,  will not only as potential markets.

Cloud computing technology is the general trend of the times, the making of applications, development extensively as fate, especially in the context of globalization. But to keep up the trend, market to thrive, the more urgent thing. Change a work thinking, a routine operation is something that the vendors have to do  businesses look out and accept.

Can say that cloud computing are creating opportunities for businesses to operate efficiently, smarter and more cost savings.  businesses are favorable conditions in order to use these utilities. The problem is that a field of business for new technology applications into dare executive management business or not. So, though the company is small or large scale, you should also try using this service, if not you may have missed a business opportunity in the future.