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2019-02-26 09:46:22

10 reasons to believe that this year will have bull run Bitcoin as 2017

After the year of 2018 "gory", Bitcoin is beginning in 2019 with some great traction and it seems this has created a fairly stable platform.
So is this the beginning for Bitcoin bull run in 2019?
The price of the Bitcoin has reached the highest level in 40 days is $4,000 on Tuesday.
Trading volume reached Bitcoin highest level in 9 months.
The total market capitalization of the industry of electronic money has increased 15 billion dollars in 48 hours.
The start of a wave of price increases is uncertain, but one thing is sure that the momentum increased recently is not a random thing.
Here are 10 reasons helped Bitcoin increased sharply in the past:
1. The big altcoin like ETH, EOS also increased sharply. It is not just "bull run" of private Bitcoin.
During "bull run", the price of the altcoin, especially ETH, XRP, and EOS have risen to the dizzy; and if so, the altcoin has suffered large increases by HNW with Bitcoin. As seen in the past, the success of crypto will create interest and demand for the crypto.
2. Bitcoin bull market can be made by financial institutions
People track the e-money market for a long time. Crypto believes that it will go to the moon once when financial institutions begin to take measures to take serious space.
At that time, the organization's professional pump money and their own reputation would help the industry's electronic monetization level rise rapidly, and many people expect the market capitalization level to pass through this peak. 2017.
Here are some of the big financial institutions that walk.
The NASDAQ index Ethereum bitcoin is the first to provide two accurate electronic money assets.
The Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the New York Stock Exchange announced that ice and Microsoft cooperate to create an electronic currency exchange, BAKKT global.
Loyal investment Financial Services Company, headquartered in Boston, manages the total assets of 2 billion 700 million of customer assets to $72 thousand - announces the launch of service loyalty names, preserving digital assets for signature bitcoins.
Although Morgan chase CEO Jamie's Dimon - one of the world's oldest financial companies, has a suspicious attitude towards bitcoin in the past few years, recently, the company has just put JPM (electronic coin money is very famous at this time. It is life.
3. If exchanges and services develop rapidly
Not long ago, buying e-money was not as easy as today. Startups have been working hard in the field of exchanges and electronic wallets.
The cash plus application of the square allows users to buy and sell bitcoins.
In the first month, Jack Dorsey revealed that square cash (also known as application exit), one of the most widely used mobile payment applications in the United States has become one of the second most common applications in the free mobile app store. Integrated function PPLE buys - sell bitcoin.
After adjusting the cultural square, the investment level of cash value to $2 billion 900 million, nearly doubled.
+ Binance allows users crypto coin to buy and sell credit cards.
The exchange is the largest electronic currency in the world. Binance announced that it would allow users to purchase electronic cash with VISA cards and MasterCard.
4. Internet flash channel bitcoin is creating more
Bitcoin is a weakness of network congestion. But this is a constant help in monetary deflation, which makes bitcoin more precious and harder.
However, demand overwhelms the big flow, using bitcoin payment tools such as small cash. Every day, encouraging multi-channel development flows is carefully watched by developers from the lightning manufacturing network.
The company began announcing this week from the network point of view that they will accept bitcoin payments almost instantly through the network (30 seconds) and the lightning cost is very low, giving you a Domino pizza in 30 minutes.
5. The role of the currency crisis will be very small bitcoin in bull market 2019.
A country has all been destroyed (from economy to politics, education, medical treatment, communism...) - the political changes and currency crises faced by Venezuela in Chavismo have made this South American country's inflation uncoded.
This led to a need for "wild" for bitcoin in Venezuela.
6. At present, many ATM bitcoins in the world are more bitcoin than ever before.
The increase in liquidity next to it is more like selling binance on the electronic exchange through more money, such as storage and services (such as cash payment, ATM apps) bitcoin is helping to buy bitcoin communities easier than ever.
7. Many government departments engaged in electronic money in 2019.
+ Venezuela
Because of the state of hyperinflation, because of past mistakes. The Venezuelan government is issuing rules and charges for electronic money.
+ Paraguay
The Paraguay government completed these negotiations in November, capital block chain technology headquarters in Korea, allowing cheap energy to become bitcoin.
Paraguay's government funds and technology development blocks chain ambitious farms to make use of the world's largest electronic currency.
8. Major retailers around the world are contributing strength to bull run Bitcoin 2019
Japan's Rakuten Group has put out the message:
A major update for mobile application platform Rakuten Pay is expected to release late next month, including payments by electronic money associated with fiat.
Currently, Rakuten has had private electronic money transactions. Retailer Amazon is also vulnerable to Spanish intention according to Rakuten.
9. The Valley Silicon also
+ The Winklevoss brothers
Silicon Valley continues to be the source of the "Superstar" talent in the field of technology, people who are quite enthusiastic about the prospects of the Bitcoin in the near future and has contributed to promoting the development of the industry.
After winning 65 million USD from the lawsuit with Facebook, the Winklevoss brothers have invested 11 million on copper coin point Bitcoin price 120 USD.
Besides, they are also one of many groups that have been working with the SEC to launch Bitcoin ETF (Exchange traded funds) in the near future despite the defeat.
+ Jack Dorsey
Founder and CEO of the social network Twitter and Square Cash-Jack Dorsey became one of the supporters of the Bitcoin nonstop bear market in 2018.
+ Tim Draper
Legendary venture capitalist of Silicon Valley-Tim Draper-have Mandarin that he believed that the price of the Bitcoin will reach 250,000 dollars in the future.
+ Peter Thiel
A small group of developers and entrepreneurs have visionary named Peter Thiel (including Elon Musk) are trying to create something like the Bitcoin, to replace the U.S. dollar, when they created the baby billion-PayPal.
Then, they have continued to create many more baby billion as Tesla, SpaceX, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp and Palantir Technologies (data analysis company billion of Peter Thiel, with upcoming IPO in 2019), that people called them the PayPal mafia.
Thiel is a big fan of Bitcoin but is hidden. In January the year 2018, founder of Thiel Foundation purchased from 15 million to 20 million USD Bitcoin.
Vitalik Buterin-one of the founders of the Ethereum-has research on electronic money has the second value in the world (when passing through the XRP) after receiving a scholarship from Thiel amount of USD 100,000.
10. This change can support low bull market 2019 bull market.
In the past year and a half, especially in 2018 from the community, witnessed the well-known instability of a disturbing low copper coin. According to the low prices of some experts, changes may support more forces to rush to cattle.