10 most famous hack of all time

Another command line 99, established Internet virus (worm) first. 
The city's telephone network being compromised just because a hacker wants to be a fashionable car. .. The system is considered to be the best security has been penetrated.

1. Early 90 's last century, legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick in a row entering the computer systems of a variety of telecommunications carriers and the world famous technology such as Nokia, Fujitsu, Motorola and Sun Microsystems. This character was the US Federal Bureau of investigation FBI arrests in 1995 and was released in 2000. Mitnick never calls his action is a hack which is called "social engineering"-using the deceiving tricks people use to get the login information or exploit the system.
2. In November 2002, the British hacker Gary McKinnon takes after the climb into than 90 computer systems of the US military in the UK. The character was then the United States of America.
3. In 1995, a Russian computer game hand Vladimir Levin blast riddled Citibank information network to steal $10 million and became the first hackers infiltrate the Bank computer system to steal money. International police Interpol apprehend this guy in the UK in 1995 after discovering Levin transferred money into accounts in the United States of America, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Israel.
4. In 1983, Kevin Poulsen, an American student, was successful infiltration into the Arpanet, the precursor to today's Internet. Poulsen took advantage of a flaw in the architecture of global information system "early" to gain control of the entire computer network temporarily the country United States of America.
5. In 1990, the local radio station in Los Angeles (USA) announced a contest to reward the discerning car Porsche 944S2 for the second call to 102 programs. And again is the hacker Kevin Poulsen captured control of the entire city's telephone network to ensure he has the numbers and finally won the award for luxury cars. Poulsen was arrested a year later and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. This character is the current editor of the newspaper's prestige tech Wired News (America).
6. In 1996, the hacker Timothy Lloyd (USA) "implantation" 6 code lines into the computer network of Omega Engineering, which is the largest supplier of components for the Aerospace Agency, NASA and the US Navy. "Toxic," say on allowing a "logic bomb" to explode and clear out the software controlling the production of Omega, which made the company $10 million damage.
7. In 1988, Robert Morris, a 23-year old student at the University of Cornell University (USA), launched the first network worm. Initially, he shed 99 command line onto the Internet to test and quickly realized his program has spread very quickly on the computer. A lot of PC throughout the US and elsewhere has been damaged. Morris was arrested in 1990.
8. Melissa virus in 1999, is the first strike software can cause large-scale damage. By "author" David Smith 30 years made, Melissa spread into the computer system of more than 300 enterprises in the world and completely destroyed the network PC in these places. The damage noted after the incident up to 400 million dollars. Smith was arrested and subjected to a 20-month prison sentence with 5,000 USD fine.
9. In 2000, a figure that the police did not publish the identity outside the nickname MafiaBoy was hacked into a series of a major website in the world, including eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo in the time period from 6/2 to 2-14, Valentine's day that year. This hacker gained control of 75 computers in 52 networks, then ordered the attack denial of service on these systems. MafiaBoy was caught in a crime.
10. In 1993, a group claiming to be the "master of deception" has penetrated into the information system of a series held in America as the National Security Bureau, telecommunications firm AT & T, Bank of America Bank. After successful hack, they set up a system for "mistletoe" allows international long distance phone calls comfortable and can use the "free" multiple channels of contact personal subscription.